It Seems Like the First Day of Winter

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!  Huge white flakes are falling, and the ground and rooftops are covered…it’s really beautiful.  Of course, though, the snow chooses today… Now, yesterday, Kiki and I were holed up at home doing tasks and fun things around the house, and today’s plan was to go out and finish all the Christmas shopping…Ha!!  Around here, people seem to forget from year to year how to drive in the snow.  It’s insane, really.  I last heard there were over 20 accidents today – and that was at 2pm… just wait until the after-work-traffic begins!  We did get quite a bit done, but we needed to make a run over to the mall area (traffic central) and I opted out of that little trip.  Tonight we have plans to go to the local Botanical Gardens, as they do this great Christmas light decorating, have big fires burning, and it’s just beautiful.  Tonight Santa will be there, and that particular one is Kiki’s favorite.  It is on the totally opposite end of the valley, however, so I’m not sure what we’ll actually do.
Update ~ Well, we did go to the "Garden Aglow" and here I am typing, so it seems we made it there and back in one piece.  Alan agreed that it is one of our important traditions, so we needed to go.  It was so beautiful, with all the thousands of lights strung about, and really, the snow added so much to the night…it really couldn’t have been nicer.  Kiki sat on Santa’s lap (she’s a funny one, knowing the truth but also, loving the mystery – or, not taking any chances?)  They also had a reindeer there, but the line to "pat him" was waaay longer than the Santa line had been;  Kiki said "it’s okay mom, I know I will get to pat Prancer when Santa comes Christmas eve" then, whispering to me… "Mom?  I know I probably won’t really get to pat Prancer on Christmas eve, but is it okay if I tell you on Christmas morning that I did?"  She is so sweet.  Did you notice she said she "probably" wouldn’t get to pat Prancer?  Like, there might be a chance –  you never know!! 

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  1. The "Garden Aglow"  is also one of our fav traditions.  Katie likes to walk up and ring the bell they have.  I love the fires and the hot chocolate.  We haven\’t gone yet this year, but are still planning to.  Loved waking up to the snow this morning, have a Merry Christmas, God Bless~LadyHawk

  2. We never grow out of the magic,we may know there is no Santa,but find ourselves looking at the sky Christmas Eve and wondering…Is it Santa or a UFO,LOLHave a great Christmas,I love the tree,much like mine,very eclectic,and ornaments charished over a long period of years.Mine didn\’t go up this year,but still couldn\’t help adding 4 new ones to the collection.

  3. The botanical garden sounds lke a dream!  Can it take a leisurely while to go through, or are crowds and lnes pushing you to the next thing?  Really sounds magical!  Rain here… Eeewww… enjoy your snow, even though folks can\’t drive in it. 

  4. We are thinking about going to the garden tonight, but Calvary Chapel is having a Cletic Christmas concert.  It was really good last year.  Decisions, well off to Costco. Have a great Christmas

  5. Hi Anne – Glad to hear that you had an enchanted evening with the tree lighting and all.  And of course Santa and the reindeer – I still love the magic of all of this season when you look at it through a child\’s eyes.  Your Kiki is precious – I love her innocense and wonderment.
    Love ya,

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