“Girlie Dog’s” Story

I’m sure everyone is gettting tired of me whining about my silly little life, (I know I am!!) so I thought I’d walk down a different path today.  I have a wicked head cold, and spent most of yesterday in bed, trying to fend off a sinus infection or bronchitis … so, here is something that I hope is more interesting…..
Girlie Dog
I’m sure you realize this isn’t her real name; I still have some ‘predator paranoia’ so I don’t use our real names on this site (and I could give you some reasons for that, but, I’d rather not right now) – altho every story I tell is true… Our dog is actually named after a mama monkey in a movie which was Kiki’s fave at the time (what can I say, she was only three years old when we got the dog!)  We already had "T" our Golden Retriever, and since I am a stay-at-home-mom now, I wasn’t so worried about him having a companion since he had us humans.  So, we weren’t looking for a dog, but here is what happened…  My sister wanted a dog, and my parents had recently lost their Golden.  Same sister has a friend whose female Yellow Lab had gone "visiting" a neighbor’s male Golden… so, my sister ended up with two puppies – one for her family, one for my parents.  These pups had a rough start in life; particularly the one we ended up with.  The mama dog gave birth on Christmas Eve, but only 1 pup was born.  The owners thought that was odd, but since they weren’t knowledgable about dog breeding, they just assumed she’d only been pregnant with one pup.  Besides, it was late Christmas Eve, and they were busy, and the mama seemed okay.  By Christmas day, however, they began to worry since mama dog didn’t appear to feel well.   They ran her to vet, and she actually had several more pups that hadn’t come… so the vet delivered 6 stillborn pups, then miraculously one pup – the last one out – was still alive.  This is our dog, who we are pretty sure has some amount of brain damage!  Oxygen deprivation, or some such.  She is sweet, loving, wants to please but is just a bit (a big bit) ditsy.   My parents ended up with the other pup, the Christmas Eve dog.  What happened to my sister, you might ask?  Well, when the pups were weaned, she took them both, and was going to keep one for herself and give one to my parents.  This sister is not the animal person that I am, and that my younger sister was.  After one weekend with them, she and her family did not want a puppy.  We lived out of state at the time, and when we next visited, she gave the puppy to Kiki (with our full permission, of course!)  Kiki still thinks my sis is the wonderful Auntie who gave her a dog!  Heehee.  My parents’ pup definately looked like a mix, but we have gotten several comments on what a beautiful Lab ours is… even tho she’s only half. 
She is beautiful, super soft, sweet, sometimes quite smart and sometimes quite dumb.  Her biggest desire in life is to catch a squirrel, which I hope she never achieves.  She climbs trees to get to them.  She wags her tail from her ribs back, which caused lots of grief in the early years.  For almost a year, I was scrubbing blood off my walls, because she would wag so voraciously that she would break the end of her tail open against the wall or doorframe, then as she continued wagging, it splattered everywhere.  Gross, I know.  I spent a year with permanant bruises across both thighs, as this is where her tail hit.  Kiki being just about 4 at that time, usually got the tail whack across the face – not nice.  After a year of bandaging and protecting and cleaning up the mess, my vet agreed that the only solution was to get rid of the tail.  It was hilarious when she had the Elizabethan Collar on (you know, that plastic cone that keeps them from messing with the owie)  She’s the only dog I know of who never figured it out… she would get stuck going thru doors, or against the wall… someone would have to go rescue her – she just had no clue.  She now has the cutest little tail stump, (we call her "wiggle bootie"; she still wags from her ribs back, it’s just no longer dangerous!)  and I don’t miss that thing at all – I think all dogs should be tailless!  We never have stuff knocked off tables anymore, and she can walk right next to the Christmas tree with nary an ornament knocked off!  It’s great. 
My parents had to have their dog put to sleep when she was only 3 years old.  She started having trouble getting up, walking, and moving in general.  Their vet xrayed her, and she had absolutely no hip sockets at all.  The vet couldn’t understand how she’d ever walked at all, it was so bad.  Guess her muscles had been tight enough to hold everything together at the beginning.  So, our Girlie Dog is the only remaining pup of the litter.  This Christmas she will be 6 years old.  She has always been a high-maintainance sort of dog, but she gives love in huge amounts.  When I was in bed yesterday, she spent the whole day up on my bed cuddling with me.  Just yesterday morning (before crawling into bed) we went for a walk, and when I let her jump back in the car, I noticed bloody paw prints… turns out she has a big slice in her back pad.  This stuff just always happens to her.  So, I fixed her up, bandaged it, and altho she is irritated with it, she’ll be fine.  It’s just regular life with Girlie Dog.  I wouldn’t trade it.

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  1. What a lovely touching story about your "girlie dog". 
    Your annonimity (I\’m sure that\’s spelled wrong) amuses me…. I know Meg is not her real name either… I sometimes feel like being obnoxious and logging on with comments that start with a different first name every day wondering if I will ever "guess".  (I totally understand the need to protect you and your daughter\’s identity with this crazy world we live in!  Hmmmm… wonder if Brenda is really my name??)
    I hope you feel better soon!!! 
    Take care,

  2. I was wondering where you were!  And don\’t you just HATE being the "teacher" on those days.  Maybe Kiki is at the point where she\’s sympathetic of mom enough to just receive "go do some schoolwork" and at least a little will be accomplished?  Or was it your day off?  ??Lucky?? you…  take care of yourself and skip the coffee for some nice hot tea… it\’s better for your throat!  Earl grey if you need the caffeine! (I\’m not a doctor, but I play one on tv)
    Your Girlie Dog has really come through a lot to be with you guys!  A dog can make all the difference some days.  I wish we could keep Waggles, or some days even Georgie, inside the house… my allergies would go berserko, though.
    Hugs to you from afar (cover your mouth when you cough! AHEM)

  3. Thanks for sharing your pup\’s story.  We have a overgrown 5 year old Yellow Lab.  She whacks her tail too often and has actually injured her tail so hard that it was limp for a month until it came back!  It was pitiful.  Hope you are well soon.  We have had a stomache virus this week and it was no fun.  At least the worst is over and maybe Christmas means us healthy!   

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