I Made it Thru the Night!

I Survived!!  Yeeee-hawww!!  I’d throw another party to celebrate, but I’m too tired!  I almost didn’t survive…it was getting very much down to the wire, and I really needed Alan to help, but he’s been kind of a poop lately, making it clear without words that he shouldn’ t have to do any work around here because he has a job, and the house is my job… so I really wanted his help, but wasn’t about to ask… it was about an hour before party time when I realized I couldn’t get done and take a shower and dress… so I threw a little hissy fit, that yes, I had to apologize for later.  Alan and I didn’t speak to each other for about an hour… but, we got it dealt with, and we’re just fine now.  Alan had thrown his own little hissy fit because he didn’t like how Kiki had placed an afghan in the den… poor Kiki was like "WHAT????"  She had no clue what his deal was… neither did he, really.  I’ve been teasing him about it this morning, and he knows he was freakin’.   Alan’s managers are all really nice people, and it turned out to be a lot of fun, even if they did talk about a lot of work-related stuff which of course I was clueless about… except, all the other spouses seemed to be "in the know"; probably because Alan hasn’t been there very long… You know what?  Party food is expensive!.. All said though, I am glad we did it, and I had a really nice evening.  I bet you all knew I’d feel that way when it was over, huh?!  My house looks so nice!  I cleaned up all the party mess before I did anything else, and I wish I felt like I could keep it this tidy… but, we know my history, don’t we?  I think I really freaked out my mom and sis… they both called today to see if I was alright!  Geez, I must really be losing it.  It’s funny; my mom really was glad she could help me, she said "it’s nice to know I am still useful and needed."  I’m thinking, cool, see ya here once a week… HA.  Thanks to all of you who asked or wondered how I did…. I feel the love!!
At this moment, I am sitting here, reveling in the peace and quiet… I have no overwhelming tasks at hand, Alan had to go in to work for a couple hours, we took Kiki over the hill to the next county to play with a friend (shoot, I’d have taken her to the next state just to get her out of here for awhile…she is soooo wound up!  Christmas, I guess?  It’s about a 30 minute drive, and she jabbered the whole way… I don’t think she even stopped for a breath!!)   Christmas carols are playing softly in the background … aaahhhhhh.  I am feeling much better now.    The friend’s mom is going to bring Kiki home, so I am just relaxing. 
We are planning on going to buy a Christmas tree when everyone returns home for the evening.  So we will have the annual argument over which type of tree is the "best".  I really love Noble Firs… the branches are strong enough for even my heavy ornaments, and the spaces let all of them show nicely.  Alan and Kiki tend to like the ‘fluffier’ trees… what do they know?! 
Have a lovely weekend, my friends! 

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  1. Ahhhh… I\’m breathing a sigh of relief with you!!  I can almost hear the relief in your writing.  It sounds so peaceful and relaxing sitting in your comfy home with Christmas carols playing.  Nice!  (I too am sitting home alone as my daughter is at a friend\’s birthday party until this evening…. I should be out doing errands but no….)
    I don\’t know what it is but it seems there is always some type of tension before a big eventful night that makes me and my hubby have round one of a big blow up.  In fact, before his Christmas party we were arguing about some dumb thing.  I had to make sure I made things right before we left because I didn\’t want to ruin the evenint with something so silly. 
    By the way, thank you for the compliment on my dress – I think my husband said something about it.  Although, it wasn\’t new so he was under no obligation to compliment me for a fashion repeat!
    Take care,
    Oh, and your shoes were cute!!!

  2. Smiling all over for you here!  Enjoy your evening, your (even temporarily) clean house, and the beautiful noble fir you will have gracing your home soon!  I like the sturdier ones too… but I haven\’t had a real tree for about 6 years now. 😦

  3. Awww, shucks… you\’re so sweet to leave comments on my brand spanking new blog.  Sam and Perrin have truly enjoyed having a little sister.  If just to kind of "see" what they were like.  Sam tires of her easier than Perrin, but they are both really good with her.  We had decided not to have any more children about a year and 1/2 before she was born.  hahaha

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