Dude, I need a hit….

Ha!  It is so not what you think!!  What I really need is help…therapy…  I have begun to be obsessed over how many "hits" my space here is getting… I had so many when I was featured, and I still seem to get several visitors (those who don’t leave notes, that is… I know of and am grateful to those of you who actually let me know you have visited, and I try to visit you as well).  Somedays, though, the numbers are so low… and I get to feeling "does anyone care?  Is my blog getting dull?".  I have to remind myself that I did not start this blog as a popularity contest, or to become famous, so I just need to get over myself!  Why does it matter to me?  I know my life is rather basic, not like some wonderfully exciting novel… I mean, I like my life, but no one else needs to be interested in it….  Do I need recognition, validation so desperately??  Hmmm….maybe.   And that, my friends, is rather sad, don’t you think?  No, seriously, I am just fine… I am a happy person, which is amazing to me when I think about it.  Because I was unhappy for so long.  A woman I know from church, she is a counselor and does a lot with marriage ministries in the area, she was talking to Alan and I about doing a class, and she said how far I have come since she first met me a few years ago… how I now "smile with my eyes", and I had such sadness when she first met me….  Alright, so that said, what is my problem??!   Perhaps my problem is that I am normal.  We all want to be recognized, noticed, heard.…don’t we?  So, I will just take a moment to laugh at myself, and get on with my blogging for the reason I began it… "just because".   (Would it kill you to sign my guestbook, though??!!)  Just kidding!  Sort of.

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  1. You are so much like me it is crazy! I have been blogging forever and never been featured.  I don\’t know how a person is chosen to be featured, but obviously no one has noticed my little old life story.  I guess being a high school special education teacher raising two teens with disabilities and a 7 year old niece isn\’t a high interest profile.  I have my few regular visitors who I love to read comments from, but that is about it. *sigh*  When I started my blog, I just wanted a journal, and now I look for attention from strangers…

  2. Yes!  Just imagine how much you look forward to those "hits" when your blog is attached to your business! haha.  http://www.kapitalmusik.com
    On the subject of HSing hissy fits… I went through the whole thing too… not wanting to do this subject, "I\’m not good at…" that subject, "why do we have to do…" the other subject and the ever popular "I\’m stupid, I can\’t do…".  The really great thing about HSing is that you are the teacher and spend a lot of time with your child and determine what and how they learn.  The really terrible thing about HSing is that you are the teacher and spend a lot of time with your child and determine what and how they learn.  Mine are in 6th and we are currently doing the "I would hate for it to be Christmas Eve and you\’re still working on your math because you\’re choosing not to do it now" route.  We\’ll see how it works.  Here in KY they are supposed to get 1050 hours a year… which became their math problem at the beginning of the year because my DS was constantly asking for "just a little break"… so he had to work through the problem of how much time a day he would have to put in to actually be able to take his Christmas break, spring break and summer break… so I stopped getting the "can\’t we just take a little break" puppy dog eyes… now it\’s just almost constantly reminding him that he needs to get certain curriculums to a certain point before the break (which he likes to put off till the end of the day so he\’s whining then).  And reminding him that time spent on the stuff he really enjoys in school is not the only aspect of the picture .
    DD revels in being the "teacher\’s pet"  which escapes the whole completing tasks thing but is heavy in "needs to be a perfectionist" which is bad in it\’s own ways.  Just love your daughter and yourself and however you choose to deal with it will be recognized as a long term effort and you\’ll both reap the rewards!  Gotta run and change the baby\’s diaper (wish I could put that off!).
    Tammy  🙂 🙂 🙂 snpnme@hotmail.com

  3. I hear you,it\’s funny isn\’t it.Kind of like being let down after all the excitement planning a wedding.Being featured is such an event filed week,ppl coming out of the woodwork,but I am happy for my same friends I had gained before being featured,and am still getting visits from a few of the new ones met that week.Can\’t ask for more than that.So I check for comments a few more times a day,does that mean anything? LOL
    To Mom23kidz,you get featured because someones,or ones nominate you ,so get your blog friends to put in a word.

  4. I started blogging because of you Ann and I LOVE reading your stuff almost every day!!!  I love to tune into the happenings in you and your families lives.  And of course, I love your humorous, down-to-earth perspective!!! 
    So here is your official validation!!!  You are the BEST!  Don\’t doubt that you do have great stories to tell.  Not to forget that you have experiences in life and marriage that I think will minister to someone.
    Featured or not – you are still great!!!

  5. Hi –  I\’ve been logging on your blog site regulary for months now and I\’ve never left a comment because I figured you had so many – I didn\’t want to bug you!!  I enjoy your writing so much.  We have much in common.  I live in the mountain west, homeschool my girls, love Jesus and a really good latte!  We do differ slightly on the animal thing.  Its not that I don\’t have them;  I have dogs, cats, goats. horses, sheep, fish, birds, hamsters and chickens!!  For Pete\’s sake, zoos have fewer animals than we do!!  Its just that I\’m not that emotionally attached to them.  I feel like I only have so much emotional energy inside, and I choose to spend it on the people in my life, not the animals.  I\’m not known for being a touchey, feeley person!!  So anyway, now that I know you actually LIKE hearing from the people who read your stuff, I\’ll comment more often.  See ya.  Cheryl

  6. It all comes done to affirmation, something we all need, but particularly stay-home moms; so much of what you do in taken for granted by those closest to you. Just know- we appreciate you & I enjoy dropping by every day or so, just to see what is going on in a life so different then my own.

  7. Ha!  I know the feeling.  I think the truth is that bloggers are a certain type of personality.  We love to \’talk\’ and we want to know that we\’ve been heard.  We want to be validated that what we have to say matters.  Be assured, you have a fantastic space here and you are well validated in my book.  I remember when you were featured, I\’m glad we\’re back in touch:)  Take care!  -T

  8. I completely feel your "pain." LOL I want readers, too, and I don\’t have any, whaaaa! I didn\’t start blogging for that, though. Its probably a good thing I don\’t have many readers, since I can\’t read or write much after having a new baby!
    God bless,

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