My New Homeschooling Plan

I have gotten really tired of fighting with Kiki.  She gets so frustrated doing her schoolwork (not because she doesn’t understand it, but because she doesn’t want to do it).  I’m tired of the book-throwing, crying, bad attitude… and then there is Kiki’s  behavior…!!!  Just kidding!  I think we are both tired of her being sent to sit in ‘time out’ in the bathroom (that’s just the farthest away place that’s still upstairs).  I am trying to work ‘smarter’, not ‘harder’;  so I got out a white-board, wrote her name on it, listed "M – W – F" and told her that if she can get through the whole week with less than 5 red check marks, (for bad behavior) then she may choose a prize from the prize box.  Yeah, that means I had to spend a couple dollars and put some items in a box… I don’t mind.  I’m tired of the grief.  Some people might say that is ‘bribery’ or something, but, hey, it’s what the teachers in school do!  Since pre-K, Kiki has been getting a ‘prize’ on Friday if the week went well… they can earn ‘prizes’ for their reading tests…so, if the teachers at school can do it, why can’t I?  It’s actually teaching her there are consequences of her behavior, good or bad, and it is up to her to choose to act properly if she would prefer a ‘nice’ consequence.  Another lesson all children need to learn, I believe.  Well, our days last week went awesome!  My threats and anger, or trying to be calm and rational,  don’t do a thing for her, but the ability to earn a prize totally changed her perspective!  We had two home-days with no trauma!  It was amazing.  We were done so much earlier in the day, as well, without all the fussing.  I don’t know, of course, if this is going to last, and if it will be a long-term solution, but every day that it alleviates a hissy-fit, it will be worth it!

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  1. So do you have cool prizes like a pony?  Just kidding!  What a great idea – they (the child experts) say that positive reinforcement has a more favorable impact versus punishment.  I\’m trying to figure out how that concept will work into me getting my butt on the treadmill today.  I have only eaten cake all morning and some rice cakes this afternoon (Ha – that\’s all cake today!!)  Maybe I have already rewarded myself, now I need to punish myself and get on the darn thing!!  (Really, I\’m not on any meds – this is just me rambling badly!)
    Take care,

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