I’m glad Saturday is over!

Yesterday was a wild day… there was just far too much going on for one short day.  First, I was up early to attend the Ladies’ Christmas Tea at church.  It was really nice…and, I remember how much I don’t like wearing panty hose.  I got several positive comments on my new ‘do’, so of course, I am now feeling better about it!  Then, back home to change clothes, pick up Kiki, then head downtown (back the direction I had just come from) to attend a baby shower.  You know you are old when the showers you attend are no longer for your friends but for your friend’s children.  Then back home, pick up Alan, drop Kiki off at my parent’s house (totally other end of the valley) then up to a friend’s for dinner, back down to my parent’s to pick up Kiki, then home…. in two days I have gone through half a tank of gas!  Today it has been lovely to just relax…especially since tomorrow it is back to the crazy pace; trying to get the house all ready for Friday’s Christmas party. 
We haven’t caught the mouse yet… I hope we get him before the party!

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