Have I mentioned I LOVE shoes??

I used to have about a million shoes… back "in the day" when I was younger, thinner, and had a job "outside the home".  When I had a reason to dress up.  These days, I basically live in jeans and a t-shirt.  I haven’t worn heels in about – forever.  We don’t even really get dressed up for church most of the time.  (When I was a child, that was considered ‘sacrilegious’… you dressed in your best to show respect to God; and I understand that thought, but I really don’t believe the Lord cares what I wear to church, as long as it isn’t distracting to others.)  But, I digress.  The point is, I really haven’t got a lot of reasons to dress up these days.  Also, having gained a lot of weight, most of my shoes no longer fit, so I just got rid of them and haven’t bought more.  For quite awhile I have dressed vicarously through Kiki, including tons of cute and cool shoes.  I loved living where we did before, where we had a Nordstrom Rack – I used to find so many great shoes for her!    So, tomorrow, I am going to a "Ladies Christmas Tea" at my church.  Alan said I really ought to dress up a bit for it (I think he misses me dressing nice occasionally!) and he told me to go shopping.  Now, if he’d sent me shopping for anything besides clothes, I’d have been thrilled!  But, I despise clothes shopping.  I never liked it much, but now it is just downright depressing.  However, I dutifully went.  I got a new pair of jeans (surprise) and a couple shirts, I even bought some socks to "complete the ensemble"  hahaha…  then I went to another store and found some ‘dress up’ clothes –  a swirly sort of denim skirt, a black, stretchy, lacy top … and I totally went crazy and bought myself a totally cool, funky, impractical pair of shoes I will probably only wear a couple of times….I love them!!    I used to be rather known for my funky style, and I have really lost that along the way… can you be fat and stylin’?  It doesn’t work for me.  But these shoes!  They are black velvet, have a high, wedge heel, with a satin bow across the top… they are suh-weeet.  I will probably break my ankle tomorrow.   

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  1. Your new shoes sound very nice.  And we didn\’t get a report that you are walking on crutches so it sounds like they worked out well!!

  2. If you were going to have dinner with the President in the White House, would you wear your everyday clothes, or you would you dress up? I hope you would dress up!  So why would you not dress up out of respect for our almightly Heavenly Father when you come into his presence on Sunday??

  3. Hello, no name!  Well, of course I would dress up if I went to see the President…he is someone I respect greatly, and don\’t know well – shoot, I don\’t know him at all!  But I do know my Lord; my heavenly father.  He\’s my Abba – Dad – I talk to him everyday.  We are tight, so to speak!  When I go to see my earthly dad, I feel no need to dress up – he can see me at my very worst, and he doesn\’t flinch.  Because he is my dad, and he loves me.  My heavenly father, the Lord of the Universe, is my dad, too… He loves me with the greatest love ever, and I don\’t need to put on fancy clothes when I go to His house.  I go clean, tidy, and modest, but not always fancy.  I certainly don\’t mean it to be disrespectful, because there certainly are ways to dress that show disrespect, but it is just because I am going to church to praise, worship, and learn more about my God and Father, not to be part of a fashion show.  I respect the fact that other people have other opinions and reasons, but this is mine…..  thanks for writing, it\’s always good to be able to share my point of view. 

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