December is not starting out well…!

On the one hand, it truly looks like December – the sun is sparkling on the fresh snow that coated our valley yesterday, which is just so pretty, and puts one in a holiday mood.  On the other hand… I got my hair cut last night….why oh why did I have to go on the day the gal was having a "bad hair day"??!  It’s actually not a bad cut, I think it will work nicely, the problem is that it is so short!!  My hair was about down to ‘bra strap’ length…I wanted it layered (because I have funky hair..part curly, part wavy, part nearly straight) so I thought it would fall better layered…so I took a picture in which was clearly shoulder length and then some…and now my hair doesn’t even reach my collar!  Crap.  Crap crap crap.  My hair was the one thing I kind of liked about myself, and now I haven’t even got that.  Crap-a-doodle-doo.  I know, it’s just hair, it’ll grow….sigh.  So, I was trying to deal with that, and get over it, because what can I do anyway…I went into the laundry room this morning to toss in a load, and something small, brown and furry came popping out of the corner!!  Ugh!! I have a mouse in my house!!!  I was trying to get the dog to catch it, and she does want to…but it whipped past her and I believe it is now under my fridge.  Great.  Now it can just trot on over the to the pantry and nibble on my food….  eeeeyyyywwwww.  I have traps set up on either side of the fridge…we’ll see what happens.  As if cleaning up my messes isn’t bad enough, now I get to worry that a little creature is going to pop out at me…. crap.  Yes, that is my word of the day.   

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  1. Ann, will you please entertain our visitor from Turkey?  Wow – not sure what he was trying to tell you??
    Anyway….. I think we got rid of the mouse that was hanging around our house as I have not seen it in a month or more. His brother licked the peanut butter off the trap and that was the last meal he had! 
    The snow sounds lovely – wish we could enjoy the change of the seasons like other areas of the country.  (Just not the severe weather that they are having in the Midwest.)
    Have a great weekend!

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