What is my Problem??

Somedays I am just so tired of myself.  I am sick of putting things off until it is such the last minute that I go into a tailspin.  Like, right now for instance… I really should be tidying up the house… my plan was to finish Kiki’s bedroom today (she’s been helping, but oh-my-gosh it was awful!) get a ton of laundry done, and make a game plan for the rest of the week… because here is the problem…my hubby is throwing a Christmas party for his store managers – now, you understand that when I say "he" is throwing a party, that really means "I" am throwing a party!  It is next Friday…. which means I have to have the house totally cleaned, decorated for Christmas, and stuff made to eat.  And yet, here I sit, not wanting to do a bit of what desperately needs to be done.  I want to exercise and get rid of this burden of fat, I want to make some Christmas gifts… but, no….here I am, putzing around, eating my m&m’s…. Alright, to my benefit, we have all been going bike riding… and I haven’t had any Ben&Jerry’s for almost 3 weeks… I would imagine the eggnog lattes are adding up, though. 
I need a haircut.  It’s making me crazy.  I called my S.o.s.i.l. (she used to work in a salon) and she is going to cut it for me, probably Thursday….
Girlie dog has really settled down…I guess she is getting accustomed to not having T. around.  We took her to the gathering on Thanksgiving, and she was so good… she was the only dog who didn’t run off when my parent’s dog figured out the door handle and let the whole herd out…She has also stopped being so ‘clingy’ to me.  I mean, she always wants to be with me, she is curled up beside me right now, but it was to a weird degree, and that has calmed down. 
Okay, okay… enough!!  I am going downstairs right now… I am going to turn on the radio (we have a station that does all Christmas music) and I am going to work on Kiki’s room…. I am, I am….!!

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  1. You have my sympathy!!  I know what you mean about YOU will be hosting the party!!  Don\’t you wish we could just wiggle our nose or blink with a nod of the head and everything we need would instantly be done!  Good luck with everything.  At least you have the most important thing for the party – a charming hostess with a great sense of humor!
    Take care,

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