Last night as I was tapping away at my keyboard, posting on my little blog here, suddenly a shape loomed up behind me…silent, large, deadly…okay, not deadly, but sheesh….death to my secret…. I look up, and there is Alan, reading over my shoulder!  How he got up the stairs without me hearing him, I’ll never know, but there he was, reading….the secret blog.  Now, no, I am sure he didn’t sneak up here to catch me… I mean, it’s not like he has been suspecting I’m typing secret love notes or anything!  I am sure I was just oblivious to life around me, as I can tend to be…then he asked the dreaded question – "What are you doing?  Is that your email?  It looks different…"  Well, since I simply do not lie, I had to tell the truth.  And he was like…"Oh."  That was it…."Oh."  Dang, I was hoping for a little more response than that!!  How weird am I??  He did ask, later, what site I used, but that was it.  I asked him if he was bothered by the fact I had done it without telling him, like keeping a secret from him…I’ll be brutally honest here with myself… I would absolutely freak if I found out he was blogging secretly!!  Which seems very lopsided and unfair, but then it was him who has been untrustworthy …  He was like "No, whatever, that’s fine."  He didn’t think it was as dumb as I suspected he would.  He was totally blown away when I told him how many hits I have had…(which have been tapering off, and it sort of bums me out, then I remind myself I didn’t do this for fame….it’s just to get stuff off my chest, and to do that, I suppose it wouldn’t matter if nobody read this… but please don’t stop reading, it’d totally sadden me!!) …of course, his response was "geez, there are a lot of bored people out there!"  I was like "Thanks alot babe, you just don’t know how interesting I am…"  Hahahaha…..

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  1. Thanks for visiting my little space.Busted Huh? LOL Hubby has always known about my bogging activities,but as I get more friends to visit and it takes more time to compose,upload pix,and generally work on it,I think he gets a little possesive of my time.WHen I was featured he teased that I was doing it for the fame,sour graes I think.LOL He knows I get enjoyment,and somewhat gets that the friends I have made here mean something to me even if I have never met them.It\’s like in real life,you interact,some grow close to you,others are like accountences you talk to once in a while,still others are chance meetings that you loose track of shortly after meeting.Strange how much like life it is.

  2. Oh, that\’s nice- we\’re bored people? Some people just don\’t get it. I don\’t keep mine secret, but I don\’t show what I write to my family- if they can find it themselves, they are welcome to read it 😉

  3. Hi, I\’m Brenda, and I\’m one of the bored people out here!  That was so funny – busted and he really didn\’t mind!  Did you tell him you were featured??
    I had to think twice tonight about what I posted on my blog because even though my mom doesn\’t read it she may someday and I do not want to be busted by my mother!!
    Happy Monday!

  4. That is so funny.  Bored?  I think he\’s just jealous!  🙂  
    I really wouldn\’t want my family reading mine, not that it has anything derogatory on it, completely the opposite!  I adore my family!  But, my space is exactly that….my space.  Nothing else in my life is mine.  I RELISH my \’space time\’.
    Have a great week!

  5. When I first started my blog, I advertised it to all of my family and friends.  I was hoping many of them would catch the blogging bug and create blogs of their own, but it hasn\’t turned out that way.  My husband has been the only one to start a blog, but he has only written in his a few times.  He just isn\’t into it, I guess.  I love reading what others write and I find it very theraputic for me to write, too.  Unfortunately, as of late, I haven\’t had the time to do much writing at all. 

  6. Ha!  🙂 I\’m happy for you!  I know you said before that you hadn\’t shared it with family, but it\’s got to be nice that your husband asked about it and talked with you about it (without really getting into it).  I know there are a lot of things I just don\’t end up telling my husband, just because it doesn\’t seem like that big of a deal.  And then when someone mentions it in front of him, or he has reason to hear about it or asks, it makes me feel just a tiny bit closer to him for having him ask about MY day… or whatever.  Homeschooling can be very 24/7 without THE adult around to share it totally… and then those chance times come along and he gets just a glimpse of my life when he\’s at the office and he is made aware all over again that my adult life continues, even when I\’m the teacher! 🙂  And it feels good.  Even when it\’s the paint smudge on the front bumper that I got when I ran into a flower pot in a parking lot… didn\’t really make the time to tell him about that and when he finally saw it and commented, the heat of "how in the world could I have ran into a flower pot" was gone and it was just like any of the other times HES bumped into something.
    Tammy  🙂 🙂 🙂

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