How we Homeschool Here

For anyone who has been reading my space for awhile, this may be old news; but I thought I’d revisit this info for anyone who can’t quite figure out what the heck I am talking about when I say I homeschool but also talk about Kiki going to school… it’s confusing, I know!  Actually, it only seems confusing!  Here is how it works…  I belong to a "homeschool co-op".   These can take several forms, I’m sure, but this is ours…. The parents are the primary teachers.  We (I) homeschool our children Mon-Wed-Fri.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays the kids go to "school"… at a local church we have classrooms,  a ball field and playground, a gymnasium, library and computer lab.  Each grade has a teacher there at the school, and that teacher is responsible for setting the lesson plans, and we can supplement however we like.  The school board chooses the curriculum, but of course it is parents who are on the school board and we use the knowledge of those who have been homeschooling for years.  One of our moms actually runs a curriculum store, so she knows a lot of stuff.  Our school started about 12+ years ago, with just a few families who homeschooled who thought it might be nice to get together so the mom who was good at math could teach that, and the mom who was ‘crafty’ could do art classes, etc.  Plus the kids could play together.  The school has just grown and grown from that.  We now have preschool thru 9th grade, and next year we will add 10th grade, etc. so eventually our kids can go thru the co-op their entire schooling if they choose.  The kids are there from 8:30 until 3pm.  They have all their classes, recess, lunch, art, whatever.  They have school assemblies for Bible study and worship, and also for "spirit days" – although we have no sports teams so that’s sort of funny!  We hope to get together with some other small Christian schools and maybe get that started.  To me, it really seems like the best of both worlds.  I have Kiki here with me 3 days a week; I know exactly what she is learning and how she is learning it; I am completely involved in every aspect of her education.  We have a ton of flexibility on when, how, and where to do school.  On the other two days, she gets to play with friends, go on field trips, do things like Science fairs which we really couldn’t do on our own, learn how to behave in a classroom environment; not to mention having to obey someone besides me!!  I am not the only one telling her she has to do stuff!  This method also really alleviated the concerns I had about homeschooling… my biggest worry was because I am totally disorganized and a big procrastinator.  I was just sure, if I was doing this on all my own, it would be like, June and all of a sudden I’d go "Crap!  We never did any school this year!!"  With this system, I have to stay on track, and that works well for me.  Give me a list and I can follow it!  I can also say, that although I dearly love my daughter and love spending time with her, and wouldn’t trade homeschooling for anything … those 2 days she is away at school is a little bit o’ bliss! 

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