One of the (my) Problems with Homeschooling

I just realized yesterday that Thanksgiving is next week.  Criminy!!  I thought I had a whole other week in there!  This is one of the problems I have… I suppose it isn’t really a homeschooling issue, it’s more of a not-working-outside-the-home issue.  I tend to have no clue what the date is, or what is going on in life outside my house.  We just drift thru life, and to be honest, I love the freedom in that!  It is an issue with getting stuff accomplished, though.  On that thought, though, Kiki and I got through school so fast today!!  We were both shocked, and I am sure I must have forgotten something.  Or maybe it’s because she didn’t throw any hissy fits today?  I did set up a new table, and we both sit at it together as she works on her assignments.  I have given up trying to do anything else during the school period, because she is so easily distracted.  Maybe that did help.  In any case, I loved it, and so did she.  I let her bake cookies this afternoon; she did it all herself except the actual baking… and they are quite good!  I thought I’d take some to my nephews tomorrow, so they aren’t all just in the cookie jar calling my name.  Then we sat and had reading time.  Kiki is such a good reader, but it is hard for her to sit still, so she doesn’t just sit and read as often as I would like her to…so, I decided we need to both do it, and then it’ll happen.  No one has to talk me into it; I love getting lost in a book!  She got another ‘B’ on a History test, so we’re doing okay there.  I was really upset with her though, when she got a ‘C’ on her last math test!  She always aces her math!  When I looked at it was when I got mad… I mean, we all make mistakes, and I have never pushed her to be perfect, but I do expect her to do her best, and that’s what upset me.  She got a few questions wrong simply because she didn’t take the time to read the directions properly,  then the worst part was she just flat out skipped some problems because she said she "doesn’t know" her 6 or 9 times tables…fine, but did you have to leave them all blank??  What about 9 x 2?  6 x 2??  Those too difficult?  She was like "oh, I didn’t really look at them."   That was what upset me.  We have worked on memorizing the times table, but without much success…so I have a new plan.  It involves flash cards, running, jumping, and a box of rewards… we’ll see how it works out.  The first two years of this homeschooling was a breeze – pretty much – but I can see I am going to have to begin working a little harder for my keep from now on!

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  1. Hi Ann,
    Hey, how did the marriage speaking thing at church go?  I remember that you said you would be speaking sometime and not sure if that already took place or not?? 
    Just catching up and dropping a note to say hi!  Hope you have a great week-end!

  2. I\’m getting off easy this year on Thanksgiving- Sam said he is cooking- so it kind of crept up on me, too. He had his list all ready, so I had to go to the grocery store this morning- I hate going on Saturdays! That\’s probably the biggest thing I miss about being home full-time, being able to get in & out of stores quickly, not having to fight weekend crowds.
    Sam does the same thing as Kiki- just scans instead of actually reading his tests, so test scores are always low! Does Kiki know the finger trick for the 9 times table? I learn it a couple of years ago (in pre-Calculas LOL) & it really works.

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