Things that are Interesting, Odd, and downright Gross

I’m in a weird mood today (who knew?!) so I have been thinking weird thoughts… just about stuff that I find peculiar about where I live.  I suppose if I had been born and raised here, I might not even notice these things…they would just be normal.  However, since I was born and raised elsewhere, stuff happens around here that I find odd.   For instance….Fry Sauce.  I’m not saying I don’t love this, because I do!  Because I am so sure that fries aren’t fattening enough as they are, so let’s substitute the ketchup we dip them in for something waaaay more full of fat!  Oooh, yeah.  I’d never heard of fry sauce before I  moved here.  They have it in Utah, too, though. In Utah they also have "frozen custard" and that is just plain delicious!  But, back to home… How about going through the drive-thru and on the menu board under drinks you see "Scotch and Soda".  Alright, since we are in the drive-thru ya gotta assume we are driving… can they really serve us this???  I had to ask…well, it’s just soda water with butterscotch syrup…a butterscotch soda.  Hmmm.  On the ‘soda’ topic, here they call it ‘pop’.  Which I just find funny somehow.  Then there are the antlers in the back of your pickup as you drive down the road…I’m talking the kind that are still attached to some poor critter.  Gun shots along the river right in the middle of town (duck hunters).  The fact that there is not one single Nordstrom in the whole stinkin’ state almost falls into the ‘horrible’ catagory for those of us who adore shoe shopping (no one compares to Nordstrom for shoes, in my humble opinion!)  That leads us to the truly gross…. the "Mobile Butcher".  This is a guy…well, there is more than one…who drives around in his truck with this funky box on the back…rather tall and about as wide as a…well, a cow… with a pulley and tackle system attached at the rear…and he will come right to your field to ‘take care of business’ on those steer you’ve been raising out there.  What kind of person decides that is what they want to "be" when they grow up?  I was right next to one of these guys on the way home from dropping Kiki off at the Co-op, and honestly, the stuff that was dripping off and out of this truck made me want to hurl.  Okay, seriously, they ought to have to wash those suckers out before they cruise downtown, don’t you think??!!  That is just plain old nasty.   I’m thinking of becoming a vegetarian!

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  1. Ann,
    I think you just gave me another blogging idea.  Canadian names of things are sooooooo different than what I was used to in the States.  Your perspective was so much fun to read! It was great to get caught up on your blogs and I really enjoyed them all.  We had a cat that we did the same thing as you did to Girlie Boy.  My son threw one of those jelly spiders on the ceiling and Peachy, our cat, hated that he couldn\’t get to it and almost had a nervous breakdown trying.  I was usually the one that gave in and let him bat it around.  Stellaluna…one of my favorite stories to read to my class. 
    I hope you don\’t mind, I had a thought about something you and your daughter could do as exercise for homeschooling…jumping rope, hopscotch, nature walk hunt, things like that…that you could do together.  Jump roping doesn\’t cost much but is great exercise.  When I was 10, it was one of my favorite things to do, especially double-dutch with friends.  I think I should get a rope and start jumping again!

  2. Ok… I\’ve never heard of fry sauce – it if is rich and fattening, I could bet I would like it!  The slaughter wagon – that\’s just gross.  In my sophisticated, refined world (ha, insert snicker here) we know meat comes from the grocery store!  Frozen custard – heard of it but they don\’t really have it here where we live.  Interesting how different parts of the country have a different flavor (literally) and feel.
    Have a great day!

  3. Hi There,
    Fry sauce huh?  What is that?   I know what you mean about things being called different names in different parts of the country.  Here, in Texas every soda is referred to as a coke.  Another funny thing is the what meals are called.  Breakfast is breakfast, Lunch is called dinner and dinner is called supper! That is a little confusing if you are not familiar with it.
    I hear ya on the meat thing! I don\’t care to know how it gets to the store! I can\’t think about it too much or I won\’t be able to eat it.
    Take care!

  4. Thanks, Meg, for your comment.  I do appreciate it.  I know it will get better.  Like the comment below me, we call all sodas or pops \’Cokes\’.  I bet I would love fry sauce.  If it\’s unhealthy, I\’d love it.  The slaughter guys freaks me out.  That\’s just nasty.  Yuck!

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