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Alright, well I spent so much time reading other people’s blogs that I really haven’t got time to write my own tonite!  I really ought to be getting to bed (it’s past 1 am)… Let’s see, it’s quite cold out…39 degrees at last check….it rained alot today, but of course it will stop now that it is cold enough to snow – that is how it goes here.  Kiki and I had two day’s worth of school, of course because it was Monday, and we just don’t seem to do school on Friday, do we?  Oh, this is funny…. Kiki and I finally got the bonus room cleaned up, and I took this bat ‘beanie baby’ and hung it up on the chain for the ceiling fan…our own little "Stellaluna" you know.  Well, Girlie Dog noticed it up there, and I think she is convinced it is some sort of small furry creature that she needs to chomp.. it is driving her even more crazy than she usually is… it’s hilarious to watch.  Maybe a little mean, but we’re having fun with it.  Alan did a bunch of housecleaning while I was at a Children’s Ministry conference this Saturday.  I was blown away.  He doesn’t usually do that – mostly he gripes about me not cleaning!  It was completely awesome!!  Bought some stuff for the "Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box" gifts… we love doing that.  Sent some money so our sponsored child in India will get a Christmas gift as well.  Kiki of course is constantly telling us what she wants for Christmas.  Sigh.  I need to get busy and get some hand-made gifts done for the Grandparents from Kiki…well, that sounds weird; okay I need to help Kiki get gifts made…. My car is in the shop.  Yeah, the new one.  The "check engine" light went on the first day I had it… I hadn’t even signed the paperwork yet!  And I didn’t sign it until they took a look to see what was wrong.  Well, it was some emissions thing, and it took awhile (week or so) of in and out to find the problem…first they replaced the gas cap, because it had a wrong one, didn’t even fit.  But last Thursday they discovered a leak in the fuel tank, so they are getting me a new one.  The bad thing is it will take 1 – 2 weeks before my car is ready.  The good thing is, I don’t have to pay for a bit of this.  Also, they gave me a loaner while my car is in the shop!  I love my Saturn dealer!  They have the best used cars, and they really do take care of their customers.  My loaner is a total dog; oh, perfectly fine but very boring.  I am not complaining tho!!  It’s a ride!  And it gets better gas mileage than my SUV! 
That’s about all the rambling I can muster up tonite…I am getting tired and making too many mistakes that I have to go back and fix….  g’nite!

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  1. Wow, car problems before signing the papers. That\’s pretty bad. LOL I hope they take care of everything and make it good as new.
    Yes, your (and your husband\’s) love language/personality combo is very interesting! I can imagine you have to work pretty hard not to kill each other! haha
    Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!

  2. YES,the paperback IS my TRUE  family story.Thank you for visiting my dad\’s web page Ann!I have returned the visit,to your page.WOW,you live on a ranch???COOL!I live in a big city,but my heart will always beat for the country(back WHERE i belong).You have a nice THANKSGIVING Ann!Mike

  3. Hello there. Just following up your comment in my guest book. Nice to meet you. I love the background of this blog, I get tired of mine and like to change it, then keep coming back to blue or shades of. Good to read about you, enjoyed the visit.

  4. Hello Ann,
    I\’m glad you loved my entry. I received it a long time ago in an email and the timing seemed right – especially just after Veterans Day with all the thoughts of young lives lost, young lives forever changed, and war. It is still possible for those who have been through war to download LOVE. If you wish, pass this along to as many people as you want.
    Peace & Blessings.

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