Where have I been?

Shoppin’ at the mall!  Again?  Uh huh.  Another Friday with no homeschool done.  Didn’t I say I wasn’t going to do that anymore?  Well, never say never!  Alan is downstairs – alone – Kiki is at my parents spending the nite…. why am I here on the computer??  Hey, I like you guys, I really do….but I think I’ve gotta go!!   
Talk to you all soon…..

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  1. Hey, I like you too  … really … why am I here?? this is sad?  I do think I know the answer….. this is our alter ego, our confidant, and our catharsis…..this is where we define who we are in writing! 
    Have a great week-end!  
    By the way: I mentioned you in my Wednesday blog – stop by and see!  🙂

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