Yep, I Voted….

I live in a pretty small town, and they do a good job setting up our polling place, so it took us all of 10 minutes to get thru the process.  I had to call my mom and tease her, because she and my dad went out early this morning (they live in a different town, that used to be country but isn’t so much anymore) and she was telling me it took them over an hour to vote!  So, after we went this afternoon, I called her and said "Ha ha, 10 minutes!!"    Besides, I still hold the record for "time taken to vote".  Once when we lived up north, about a dozen years ago, it was an important Presidential election…well, not that they aren’t all important…but anyhow this particular time showed great voter turnout, and it took Alan and I  3 1/2 hours to vote that time!!  It was awful.  But I am sooooo dedicated!  Lol.

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  1. Yeah me!  I voted today – only had to wait about 10 minutes.  I was surprised to see that my husband had already voted earlier in the day – and he didn\’t even ask me how he should vote!!  He does remind me often that he\’s a G-R-O-W-N  U-P 🙂
    And to answer your question from earlier – yes, I\’m born and raised (somewhat successfully) in Southern Calif.  In the county that is named after a fruit!
    Have a great day! 
    (Have I said that I love, love, love, reading your blogs!!!)

  2. Yeah!  Rock the Vote!  From reading your previous entry, I think we are on opposing sides of the political debate but we agree on the importance of making ourselves heard!  I love election day!  Let\’s keep those prayers for a better America coming.  Take care.  -T
    P.S.  Took me 10 minutes to vote AND I got to do an actual exit poll afterwards.  Kind of like voting twice:)

  3. I voted- 2 weeks ago! (I\’m a permanent absentee voter) I am so glad this election is over- last night alone, we got 15 automated phone calls & a half inch tall stack of mailers.

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