Weekend Working, now it’s School again!

Saturday was the most gorgeous day!  One of those fall days that makes you glad just to be alive; the kind you wish would last forever.  The sky was incredibly blue with fluffy clouds, it was cool but not chilly, a slight breeze was sending the fallen leaves skittering across the ground and swirling into the sky.  The sun warmed everything up so nicely that we opened our windows to get some fresh air in the house.  And I spend the better part of the day in the house…cleaning.  But you know what?  It was fine; in fact, I was so cheery from the weather that I actually enjoyed it!  Now, that is just plain weird.  Kiki and I cleaned the upstairs (the bonus room, which is where we do school and the computers are, then her playroom is the rest of that space (so you can imagine the mess it was!).  We also have a bathroom up there and a wonderful closet of shelves where we store toys and craft supplies and gift wrap and stuff… when we began you couldn’t even step into the closet!  (that was her idea of cleaning last time!)  It is so dang clean and tidy now!!  I am so happy!  I even set up a new table for Kiki and I to do school on, because Alan’s desk is the only one big enough for us to both sit at together, and he is a little bit anal about us "messing up" his space.  Sheeezz.  We also got the den completely cleaned; I even pulled out the vent and vacuumed up all the dirt that fell in there last time the rats knocked the plants over… then we moved Kiki’s big, pretty, overstuffed chair out of her room (where it took up too much space really, and only served as a clothes-catcher so you couldn’t sit in it anyway) and we put that in the den so she doesn’t have to sit on the floor anymore (we only had two chairs in there before.)  Today I will tackle my bedroom…not too bad there…but tomorrow I have to tackle Kiki’s bedroom. That should only take about a month!!  Oh-my-gosh…it is so bad…I think I’ll rent a backhoe. 
Well, I better start school…it’s getting late in the morning….we’ll see how the new "desk" arrangement works out! 

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