Is it Christmas at the Mall???

Sunday after church I took Kiki to the mall, because she needed a birthday gift for a friend.  I don’t generally go to the mall; we have so many nice, independently owned stores, not to mention that our mall is kind of lame.  It’s getting better, but I am still holding out for Nordstrom.  Seriously, there is no where else you can buy quality children’s shoes… but, I digress.  The point is, we went, even though we also don’t normally go shopping on Sunday, either.  That’s a throwback to my traditional-church upbringing, I guess – keeping the Sabbath holy and all that.  I mean, I think that’s "religiousity and law" yet I still feel guilty about doing it!  So anyhoo, off we went.  And man, it was so crowded!  It seemed almost worse than Christmas!  I could barely find a spot to park, even way out on the ends (which is where I like to park anyway, so I don’t get ‘door-dings’) Can the Christmas shopping frenzy have begun already??!!  Yikes.  Honestly, I love Christmas, but geez….  The good part is that Kiki and I both got new jammies!  This is a big event, I don’t buy myself clothes too often 🙂 .  What’s really fun is that even though we were at a Children’s clothing store, they had "Holiday Pajamas" in adult sizes as well ~ so Kiki and I have matching jammies.   Awwwww.    Sweet, eh?  They are fleece, and this is good because we are refusing to turn up the heat this winter, so I’ll need something to keep me warm…and these are like having a blanket on at all times!  Mmmmmm. Cozy!

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  1. Matching jammies – how cute!!! I want some!
    Speaking of not turning up the heat… on the way home not even an hour ago my daughter said…."I don\’t know what I\’m going to do about perfect attendance at school now that winter is coming"  (Perfect attendance also means no tardies.)  So I had to ask… Why?? She replied, because it is so cold in our house in winter that I shiver under the covers and don\’t want to get out of bed so I fall behind getting ready for school. 
    And I would buy into this this because??   (Her daddy does the morning duties and gets her to school in the mornings!) I told her it could be worse – it could be like in Little House on the Prarie days and there is no central heat, no insulation, and it gets\’ REALLY cold in places.  We live in Southern California – cold to us is in the 40\’s!!
    Thanks so much for your encouraging comments today… that was a tough one to write and very emotional because I love that kid so much.  I feel like Jehosaphat when he prayed in 2 Chronicles 20:12  For we (I am) are powerless…. but our (my) eyes are on You.
    Happy Monday,

  2. Matching jammies!!!  I can\’t wait for that with Olivia! 
    I agree about Sunday shopping.  Yes I have done it, but I also used to work retail, so have a different perspective on it.  I used to get pretty mad at the "obvious church-goers" (dress pants on a Sunday!) spending money while I had to serve them on days that I could not be at church b/c I had to work.  Later as a manager, I saw how shifts get distributed, and it is a direct corelation to the revenues received the previous year on each particular day of the week.  I really try not to shop on holidays and Sundays.  Poor retail workers have it bad enough without having to work when everyone else is off!  It never used to be that way.  By having Sunday shopping it has allowed our society to become even busier during the week, work longer hours, etc. 
    I hope I do not sound too preachy- just so you know, this last Sunday I too uncharacteristically went shopping!

  3. I bought myself some fleece jammies at Costco a few weeks ago — and I LOVE them! Very lightweight so they are warm but not heavy. I look like a giant, fluffy, pink marshmallow, but I don\’t care. They feel so good!!

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