Yay!! It’s November!

What an absolutely gorgeous day this was!  The colored leaves were swirling everywhere, and Kiki and I took the long way home from Starbucks (ooohhhh yeahhhh) just to drive through the more "country" part of town and enjoy the day.  Today is "officially" the start of ‘Eggnog Latte Season’…it’s the most, wonderful time, of the year….just kidding!  Sort of!  It was incredibly cold, tho…more like winter.  It got down to about 15 degrees (F) last nite!  Totally destroyed my Virginia Creeper vine that covers an arch in front of my front door…the leaves had just finished turning to the most beautiful fall colors…dang it. 
Girlie dog seems to be getting over her ‘separation anxiety’.  She has been pretty bad since T. passed away; I practically fell over her everytime I moved, she followed me everywhere.  I mean, she has always liked being quite nearby, but it was getting a bit ridiculous.  I noticed this week while Kiki and I were upstairs doing school, the dog has been lying downstairs rather than right under my feet.  Granted, she is lying on my bed, but I haven’t really got an issue with that!  I am just glad she seems to be settling down a little. 

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  1. Hi Ann!
    Thanks for stopping by!  I love your photo\’s- you live in a beautiful spot!  Kiki looks like alot of fun!  How old is she?
    I read you "Slacker" entry, it reminds me of something I read about getting dressed and putting make-up on (or maybe even just a bit of make-up) that when we only do it for the "outside world people", and not our kids/ spouse.  That we are sort of saying that our family is less important than people we don\’t love.  I took that to heart and got dressed eariler and put on a bit of make-up each day for at least the next 3 days!  LOL!  Back to au natural!!
    God Bless, Lynda

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