How I Know it’s Autumn

I was blog-browsing the other night, and I read one where the gal was talking about signs of fall in her area.  Which started me thinking how different our experiences are depending on where we live, and yet some things are probably the same no matter where you live.  Altho I can’t imagine fall in, Africa, or the Tropics…that must be a whole different deal, no?  I grew up in Southern California, and we basically had summer and winter.  Hot and dry, cooler and raining.  That’s it.  I love living somewhere that has 4 actual seasons.  And how, by the time you’ve been deep in one of them, you are so ready for a change to the next!  So, here are the things that tell me it is fall in my neck of the woods…  some you may be experiencing, some maybe not. 
It is cool, breezy, with crisp air and the hint of winter coming.  The sky is bluer than ever, which makes the leaves stand out even more.  We get quite a bit of rain, and the brightly colored leaves against the dark grey clouds looks almost like they are lit from within.  The house is generally the perfect temperature without using either the heat or air conditioning.  The mornings are quiet, but the afternoons are full of the sounds of children coming home from school.  The corn in the fields, which just a few short weeks ago towered over our heads, are now fields of stubble as it has been cut down for cattle silage.   Except for the ones which have been turned into the ever-popular "corn mazes" for October.  The apples are ripe and the fresh cider is awesome if you buy it right out of the orchards.  The stores are full of creepy, nasty looking decorations, which freak my daughter out.  She would prefer to stay out of any store at all during the entire month of October.  The sugarbeet trucks are everywhere, and on just about every corner you can find one or two that’s fallen off a truck.  (Once, I stopped and grabbed one…we went home and cut it up, my  daughter and niece and I…it was sweet and chewy.  My husband thought it was gross that we did that! But, we only ate from the inside.)  Most of the hay is gone from the fields, and the horses and cows are looking just a tiny bit fuzzier.  I am feeling relaxed and lazy, but in the back of my mind is the quiet but persistant thought that it’s all going to break loose – because soon the Holidays will be upon us, in all their glorious, joyful, crazy, frustrating, aggravating, and wonderful times!
Happy Fall!!

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  1. hey,  I am also a SAHM in the Mt West who is Christian and home-schools my 4 very rowdy children.  Contact me and see if we are in the same place.  Can\’t tell by the picts, but I think you are close, we have lots of sugar beets here, and lots of smokey fires this summer.

  2. Hi Ann! Thanks for the warm welcome earlier. Was just reading about your Fall….sounds alot like here. We\’re on the East Coast (middle) and we have four distinct seasons as well. I LOVE Fall. My fav!!!! Love to see the leaves change colors, the crispness you spoke of in the air and the crunch of those dead leaves under your feet as you walk! Although I don\’t know much about sugarbeets!! We do have apple cider in our mountains though. That\’s where we\’d go to get apples and cider (about an hour from here). Anyway, it\’s been nice listening to your recollection of this wonderful season!

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