Haven’t much to say…but, a puppy?

This is hard to believe, I suppose, but I haven’t much to say tonight.  I feel like I ought to still blog tho….so, let’s see…
Today was another day of "I am going to get the house clean today" – I fully expected another flat tire or trip to the car repair.  But, no – instead, Kiki was sick (just a nasty cold) so she didn’t go to her classroom day at the co-op today.  It is so much harder to get things done when she is here.  Especially when she is feeling sick, therefore, needy.  I even played Barbies with her for awhile today.  Not my fave thing to do, but ‘time’ is her love language, so sometimes I just do it.  I did get quite a bit of laundry done, and if you knew how terribly behind I am on this, you’d understand why I am pretty happy about that.  I keep finding more and more outfits that no longer fit her – I really need to get stuff listed on ebay, to clear out the extra closet and make a little money.  Ebay-ing is how I justified the cost of getting cable internet rather than dial-up…and I haven’t done a bit of selling since I got on the cable service.  Oops.  Didn’t get much actual cleaning done…then tonite Alan drops the bomb that his mom might be coming this weekend!  Now I have to find a way to get it done!  (she’s probably not really coming, he just knows I’ll get the house clean that way!) 
I think my dog is feeling a bit down.  I think she really misses playing with T.  They had great wrassling matches every day; now she has no one to wrassle with.  I have taken her to my parent’s and my sister’s, but she won’t play with either of their dogs.   We’ve tossed around the idea of getting a puppy…but, I don’t know, I’m just not in the mood for that right now.  I usually jump at the chance for another creature, but the idea of a pup with winter coming on….yuck.  I also worry that she won’t like it.  I mean, T. was her ultimate buddy, but she doesn’t seem to like other dogs so much.  Kiki really wants a kitten, and I think Girlie dog would like that, but that’s another thing I’m not sure I’m up to right now…the whole stinky litter box deal, you know?  Guess I need to give it all some more thought.  Maybe I’ll just take her to the dog park, and see if she has fun.  T. used to love the dog park…but, he was much more social than Girlie seems to be.  
I guess that’s it… life is just a bit dull at the moment. 

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  1. That\’s funny … right at the beginning, I thought, "You need to invite some company over. That\’ll motivate you!" Now, with your MIL coming over, at least one good thing will come of it — forcing you to clean the house! At one point, I told Hubby we need to have someone over about every other weekend … the house would always be clean then! As it is, we have company over maybe once a month, if that … but at least it gives me an opportunity to clean, and it doesn\’t get so bad that I can\’t get it all done a few hours before everyone comes over!

  2. Yep, we\’ve talked about the house cleaning thing before…. It is not a top priority until I know someone is coming over and then stay out of my way!  
    I hope Kiki feels better soon.  

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