We Just Never Know

In regards to my last "rant",  I guess the point is that we never know what someone is going through, or has dealt with.  I am totally guilty of being one of those people that just babbled on about anything and everything…never once did I consider that someone else might have a sore spot about one of those issues.  I am not super-sensitive; this particular issue bugs me because I have talked to my sister and she still won’t quit.  There are lots of other things, though.  There was a saying my Grandma always used, just a silly thing in my opinion…I’d never really thought of the ‘deep’ meaning, or where it came from.  Then, once, a friend at church was telling us how offended she had been on her last flight, because someone was using this saying…and, really, it was totally derogatory to this person’s race.  I had never even thought of it, because, well, I am not of that particular race.  So it had no meaning to me.  I silently offered thanks to God that I had never used that saying in front of her…because I very easily could have.  The same goes for jokes.  There are so many funny jokes that make fun of people in certain situations.  If that has never been you, then it’s totally funny, right?  Until it hits home.  Okay, I am blond, but blonde jokes don’t bother me.  Certain other things don’t, either.  But, some sting.  I used to laugh at tons of funny jokes about cheating spouses until my husband became one.  I no longer see the humor in those.  I know my dear friend whose husband was in the grasp of a porn addiction doesn’t laugh at stripper jokes.  If you were abused as a child, would you think it’s funny if I teased my child about beating her and stuffing her in a closet?  Seriously.  Now, I still love jokes, don’t get me wrong.  I do tease Kiki about this, but only among family ’cause I know their story!  Also, stuff that used to hurt really bad, well, it gets better as the years pass.  "Time heals all wounds" and all that, you know.  I just try these days to be careful about what I say, because I don’t want my careless words to hurt anyone else.  I want to be uplifting, you know?

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  1. Hi!!   Looks like we both do some late night blogging.  Most of my blogs I do to share with my husband so he has some more insight into my (boring) life.  His comment on the Folden blog was … it was some woman\’s perspective thing about cancer and crying.  He didn\’t get it at all!! 
    I love Lori\’s story and how she has achieved so much through so much pain.  I just thank God that I have not had to go down that path.  But like I said in my blog, I can\’t reconcile the fact that I know God does not love my children any more than that little boy so why him??
    Sorry…I didn\’t mean to ramble!!!   
    Have a great night!

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