Another Friday of No School

This is the 3rd week in a row that Kiki and I have not done our schoolwork on Friday, so we’ve had to do 2 days worth on Monday to catch up.  The first week, we skipped school to go apple picking – we’d planned on it, so that was great.  Then last Friday, I had to go do a bunch of grocery shopping for a ministry-group party we were having on Saturday.  Kiki is pretty good to shop with, but I had to meet my sis at Costco, and, well, that makes the shopping time go a wee bit slower.  Today, I was set….we were going to get on track and get school done…in fact, we started with ‘reading’ and she did extra pages in her workbook, because we both decided it would be nice to have less school on Monday instead.  Just as we finished that, tho, we got a phone call….today was her friend’s birthday party, and was Kiki coming?  Oh, shoot, once again my brain has failed me!  I even had it written on the calendar – too bad I don’t check the thing.  Poor Kiki, she didn’t even have a gift to take…more of a bummer for her friend than her, I suppose!  She had made a card for the friend last week when we got the invite, so she had that…as she was getting ready, I was quickly  looking thru closets and drawers to see if I had anything that would work… we did find a really cool, mini-frame in the colors of this girl’s bedroom, which was brand new and still in a box, so I let Kiki take that, along with promise of something nice to come…
I hate when I do dumb stuff like that.  And I do it alot.  Now I have a new plan – since I am all alone, I am going to try to get this house in some semblance of order…I mean, it’s so bad, I made Kiki watch out the window so when her friends picked her up, she could run out so they wouldn’t come to the door.  That is bad, isn’t it?!  Then I got a call from Alan, telling me to avoid a certain area of the Hwy. if I should happen to go out, because there is a bad accident…so then I freaked a bit, worrying that it might be Kiki and her friends (the mom is taking them to the local arcade/play place)  even tho they probably arrived at their destination an hour before this accident even occurred.  I am a worrier; I admit it. 

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  1. I constantly tell my daughter…. I\’m getting old, I forget things!  And I really do! 
    I think it is natural for a mother to worry about the safety of their children when you hear of an accident where you child may have been traveling. 
    Oh, and we\’ve already talked about housecleaning! 🙂  (hate it)

  2. I\’m lost without my calendar & have been working diligently to keep up with it. Its easier now there are only 3 of us in the house- but I have to remember to look at it!

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