“Driving” Myself Crazy

Do you absolutely hate having to make big purchases?  Like, a house, or a car….?  I can second guess myself to death, and right now my stomach is absolutely in knots over my latest "need to make" decision.  We sold my Saab over the weekend – which is great.  I mean, it was a fabulous car, an automobile my father would say…so fun to drive, elegant.  This was overshadowed by constant worrying over when it would next cost me $$$ to repair, which it did on a regular basis.  We are using the money (it was paid off, but not really; it was part of our home loan) so we are using that to pay off some consumer debt (the only we have besides the house and other car) and then use the leftover cash to buy an inexpensive used car for hubby.  He was thinking a small pickup or something in case he has to carry stuff for his job.  Which is rare…but, whatever.  Problem is, I don’t like his car, which was to become mine.  It’s fine, just…boring.  And nowhere to carry the dog, and I take her just about everywhere.  So today, he comes home with this awesome midsize SUV he traded his car in for, because he knew I’d like it way better than his car.  Which I do.  I love-love-love this car!  First off, because I am a truck girl.  Always have been.  And SUV’s are just spacious trucks, really.  It will hold 7 passengers, so it does what a minivan will do without being a ‘mom car’. ( No offense to all you who have them, I had one, it was great, but it’s just not me.)  It will also pull a horse trailer – you know, just in case!  So, what’s the catch?  Well, we are trying to save money, to simplify.  This will be about $60. more per month than we’re paying on his car.  Alright, so that doesn’t seem too bad…it’s also a used car, so it’s not ridiculously expensive.  But wouldn’t we be better off buying down, not up?   The worst part is, I have been reading up on this vehicle tonight (we have 3 days to take it back if we change our minds)…and, it gets lousy gas mileage.  I’m talking 15 – 20 mpg.  Cripes, in this day of mega-pricey gas?  Not that my Saab rocked in that dept., I got about 23, but that beats the heck out of 15!!  So I can fill it with Regular instead of Plus… I don’t think that’ll fully make up for it.   I really don’t suppose I can convince Alan that he’d have to get, like, a Geo Metro or something!  50 mpg. or better….?!   Am I a horrible person for considering a vehicle that consumes that amount of fuel?   I really, really like this car!  So does Kiki…poor kid, she cried when we dropped off the Saab, and she didn’t even want to look at cars…but she went wild when Daddy brought home "an SUV!!!"  She’s already trying to come up with a name for our new car… Shoot.  I will not be able to sleep tonight.  Thoughts and opinions??   

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  1. Most SUVs will get that mileage. Mine gets 15-16, which is a Chevy Silverado pickup.
    My opinion is, if you can afford the gas, you can buy whatever kind of gas guzzler you want. Personally, I would like one that gets better fuel economy, but I won\’t because we\’re keeping this truck for the long haul, and it\’s cheaper to just keep it than to keep getting new vehicles. I have cut back in other ways like trying not to drive so much, especially those short little trips.
    But also remember that the "this car is the best in the world!" feeling will wear off. Buying a new car is an emotional experience, but that always wears off eventually, probably sooner than later. In this case, my advice is to think with your head, not with your heart. Make a decision you can feel good about for the long term. No matter what you get, it will be "old" in a few short years anyway.

  2. Hi Ann.
      It sounds like the decision\’s been made, basically, because your husband did it..for you.
      It will work for taking your dog with you, too.
      Sounds like a gift..not something you would do on your own.
      So, enjoy!
    Don\’t forget to count heads, so the dog and daughter are with you!

  3. I have both a Geo Metro AND a major gas guzzler. I love my Metro! I drive it whenever I can, but my husband hates it. Its not that it doesn\’t get good gas mileage, it does, but don\’t expect 50mpg, but my husband is on the larger side and doesn\’t feel comfortable in such a small car. My teens who are driving love to drive it! The didn\’t expect to, they wanted to drive Dad\’s work car, an Escort, but the Metro doesn\’t accelerate as quickly or brake as hard, so they love learning in it. I don\’t have a choice about the gas guzzler, we are having our 7th child, so we need a LARGE van, which seats 11, so it gets barely 13-15mpg. This one doesn\’t get driven as often!
    Another benefit to the Metro is that it doesn\’t need to be repaired often, its very well made. We\’ve had our \’94 for over a year and are just now having a problem, and I used it for commuting 102 miles a day!

  4. Thanks for your comments!  Yeah, the dumb part is, we are a family of….3.  Plus the dog.  So that doesn\’t really justify the 7 seater, like it would if we had a large family!  However, we do tons of stuff with the extended family, and this would save using 2 cars…I\’ll just have to keep a "gas $ donation box" in the car!  I do also drive on lots of field trips…again, not a huge justification, but I think I can live with that!  Ha.  I have to say I love that fact that Alan is willing to find himself a little, very basic economy car we can pay cash for so I can have my "pick-em-up truck".   Guess he loves me. 

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