Monday Afternoon ~ We Did It!

We had strawberry-banana smoothies for lunch, with a slice of toast lightly spread with homemade pumpkin butter (yummmm)  – not homemade by me….we bought it Friday when we went apple-picking.  And no, don’t worry, I don’t intend to make this a blog on my daily menu!  Just trying to get started on the whole "healthy eating" deal.  We also took our walk – we took Girlie Dog along to make sure we kept up the pace, as she does not let us slack!  Now we are just trying to finish school.  Actually, we are done with all but one page of math, and Kiki needed a break badly…we are doing two days’ worth, since Friday we were out playing and apple picking and didn’t do a bit of school.  It’s 20 minutes after 4pm, and we really should have been done hours ago…however, I feel like we aren’t doing too bad, considering the time we started this morning and the other things we’ve done today.  Thank goodness Alan isn’t home early today!  I am sure to get slack from him when our school days go long.  I’d like to see him do it better.  Ha.  Next week we are having ‘teacher-parent’ conferences, and I am really glad.  For the first time in the three years I’ve been homeschooling, I feel a bit lost.  For instance, the spelling ‘program’.  I just don’t get how the teacher has it set up.  It hasn’t been an issue, since Kiki has only misspelled one word so far this year, but I know we aren’t doing the program the way it is supposed to be done – I’m just winging it.  There also seem to be things referred to that need to be done, and I have no idea what is being referred to.  And my third grader is no help whatsoever in this regard!  "What does Mrs.X mean about ___?"  "Huh? I don’t know."  Do you pay any attention on classroom days??   Also, at the beginning of each previous year, the school did testing to see what grade level the kids are reading on.  Again, this isn’t really an issue for us, I am not concerned that Kiki isn’t doing well – at the latter part of last year (2nd grade) she was reading at a 5.9…that’s the end of the 6th grade year.  So, she’s ahead of the game.  This summer, though, she didn’t want to read much…I mean, just because she can comprehend the language of a 5th or 6th grade story, it doesn’t mean she really enjoys the content.  She’d much rather read stuff geared toward…well, toward her age!   So I am curious to see if she’s gotten farther ahead, or is sort of status-quo.  In her classroom folder today (it’s like our "communication link" between the ‘class’ and ‘home’,  there was a strip of notebook paper with a hand written  "4.4 – 6.0" on it.  (they are given a range – which is printed on the library shelves as well – that they are supposed to choose their books from) Kiki said "that’s where I’m supposed to choose books."  Okay, so, did you take the test, and where is the report?  (It is a full 2 pages of information)  Kiki can only remember that she wasn’t able to test on the book she read because it wasn’t on the list…as far as any other test, she hasn’t a clue.  Ugh.  Somehow this year the communication is really lacking between myself and the classsroom teacher.  If Kiki wasn’t such a good student, I’d really feel like I was blowing it this year.  Actually, I do feel like I’m really blowing it this year.   It’s only October.  Great start.  I want to expand  her knowledge and love of learning, not just muddle through her assignments.  Relax, breathe…next week is the meeting…..I’ll find out just how badly I am messing up this year!
Tomorrow is "school picture day".  That is always fun!  Guess I better make sure Kiki takes a shower and washes her hair tonight!  This is for posterity, after all! 

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