It’s October…Already?

Wow.  The older I get, the faster time goes by.  It’s crazy.  This is going to be a fast post, I should be getting ready for church.  Alan got up at, I don’t know when exactly, the crack of dawn, because he’d forgotten to change sales tax or something at work and it had to be done today since it’s the new month.  I didn’t even know sales tax was changing.  Going up, I suppose.   Then he came back home, then immediately got a call and had to go back to work….sucks to be the boss, eh?!  Saturday he got a call at 1:30 in the morning that he’d have to go in and cover, some gal’s mom is sick… that’s why he’s in again today.  Granted, this messes up my day…he won’t be able to go to church, so I’ll probably be sitting alone….most of our friends go to 1st service and we’d planned to go to 2nd service today…so Alan could sleep in, poor guy….not a big deal for me, I’m a grown up and don’t mind, I don’t go there to chit-chat, anyway!  The bigger deal is that we’d also planned on going to late service because we are meeting a group of "mom friends" from church afterwards to go out apple picking…as a family… and now our ‘family big-cheese’ isn’t going to be there…doggone it.    Of course it’s worse for Alan, who hasn’t had a break at all this week…and, all of this fades to nothing when you consider the poor gal Alan is having to cover for….Saturday nite, her mother had a heart attack, then they were scheduling surgery for this coming week, but early this morning she had a stroke.  Certainly puts my petty little issues into perspective!  I will sure be praying for them this morning.

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