Give the Fat Folks Food

I am sensing a trend here, and I am not happy about it!  Yesterday after church, Alan and I had a meeting with one of the Ministry groups we are in, and lunch was served.  After the meeting, (where I did not partake of the dessert, because I really want to do better) the gal in charge hands Alan a plate with the leftover chocolate cake on it, for us to take home.  Out of the dozen or so people there, it was given to us.  OhhhKay.  That in itself wouldn’t have really made me stop and think, but it happened again tonight.  Alan and I had dinner with a couple who is in charge of the Marriage Ministry at church, and Alan and I have been getting involved in this (we really have a heart for helping couples find help and healing in their marriages…if we survived, most anyone can!) so, anyhoo… we have a lovely dinner, nice conversation… then they felt bad we hadn’t gotten to dessert.  Which again, was fine because seriously I am really trying hard…Kiki and I had lots of fruit today!  Next thing I know, they are handing us a big plate of pie…to…take home.  Obviously it’s not like these folks are pitying the poor, starving couple….so, they just figure, what, we’re so fat, of course we’d be unhappy if we couldn’t take home dessert??!   Is that pathetic, or what??  Crap, I have got to do something about this weight issue.
Boy, was that pie goood, too.

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  1.  Dropped by to say hi and check out your space.. you have a great space. Love the humor!!!! You have a talent . Will come visit again.
     God bless yoy and your family.

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