To “Friend” or Not to “Friend”…that is the question

To everyone who has sent me a request to be on your "friends" list, please don’t think my non-response-so-far in any way implies that I don’t want to be your friend!   Gosh, I need all the friends I can get!  I just, well, I don’t know about the whole "friends list" deal.   Do I get great kudos because I have 27 friends -or hundreds- and someone else has only 3?   Does it make someone else feel bad because I don’t have them listed as my "friend"?  I am just not exactly sure how I want to proceed on this issue…so I hope you will please be my friend, even if you’re not my "friend".    Thanks for asking, though!!  I feel the love! 

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  1. Well, my take on this- I will accept friends invites after I look at the space; its a nice way to move around, the graphic helps you remember who is who, & a way to explore other spaces. But I don\’t display a friends list, since it seems to slow down my page loading; I add my favorites to my blog list. I\’ve used the "Explore Friends" on other people\’s Spaces to find new blogs. I suppose to some people, the number thing is important; others, its about leading others to spaces you appreciate.

  2. I don\’t care for the whole "Friends" list myself. I just said up front that I wouldn\’t be accepting "Friends" requiests. A little high-schoolish, IMHO. Under Options you can actually turn it off, to prevent the requests from coming thru.

  3. That\’s my idea of it, too. I like to look at other\’s friends list for visiting different spaces, but I also noticed that it slows down loading. So I recreated my whole blog list and am thinking about removing it from my space. That\’s also why I removed my photos. Sorry that it\’s been awhile since I\’ve visited. Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. Thank you for the insights…I agree with all of you…so I still don\’t know what I\’m going to do, but it helps to hear what others have to say on this issue!

  5. i am a newbee here and i\’m really not sure how all this works.  i was drawn to your site because you seemed so honest and upfront wich is the kind of people \’friends\’ i am looking for.  you are the first person i have sent a comment to. i guess i will see how this works. anybody else can comment me too. i just love to talk about everything and you seem like that kind of person. thanks for drawing my attention


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