Teacher’s Guide, My Eye!

You would think that it would be easy to teach 3rd grade, wouldn’t you??  Well, think again!  Or maybe I am just not so bright – no, that’s not true…maybe it’s been just waaayyy too long since I was in 3rd grade myself.  Last year, I didn’t purchase the Teacher’s Guide for Reading…I thought, it’s reading…I know how to do that.  Plus, the books are pretty expensive, so I didn’t want to fork that out.  I then discovered that the workbook covered things I didn’t remember ever hearing of, much less learning.   Like, there is a word for words that describe a sound. Go figure. Onomatopoeia. "whoosh" "buzzzzz" "whirrr".   I have been incredibly thankful for the internet!  So, this year I decided I better bite the bullet and buy the teacher’s manual, since it is obvious that grade school is a bit advanced for  me…at the tune of $50+…well, next year I am going to look at the stupid books before I order them…now, since you have to order them, I’m not sure how I’ll pull this off…but – this manual is basically a copy of her reading book so I can read along…??!!  Oh, it does have "discussion questions" in it…I already do that!!  So I spent all that money so I can ask her "hmm, what do you think about that?"  grrrrrr.  All I want are the answers to the questions in her workbook!  Criminy.     

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