It’s the End of the World as We Know It

Seriously strange things are going on at my home.  Alan has been in a mopey mood all week, and from comments made I can tell he is really missing T.  Of course, we all are, but it’s hit him pretty hard.  Why this is strange is because I am the animal person in this family, really.  If I lived alone, I’d be in a shack with dozens of pets of all sorts.  If Alan lived alone, he’d be in a condo with no pets at all…he’ll tell you this himself.  Now, here is the really weird part…well, wait…first I have to give you some background on our "Girlie Dog".  Girlie thinks she is far too special to lay on the….gasp….floor.  She needs her own comfy little doggy cushions, thank you very much.  We have this "chair" thingy in the den…like a big wedge pillow with a pad attached, to ‘lounge’ on while watching TV.  It was for me…it’s hers now.  I have these big throw pillow/cushions on the floor in the living room, to sit on in front of the fireplace…now hers.  Laundry piled on the floor while being sorted?  Hers.  Not to mention her own doggy bed in our bedroom.  Well, okay, Alan isn’t thrilled but he deals with it.  However…when she decided she ought to be allowed on our bed, Alan put his foot down, hard. No Way is that dog allowed on my bed!! were, I believe, his exact words.  Well, call me a bad wife, but you know, I’ve been putting up with this guy for years, and sometimes, I just don’t care what he thinks!!  So, when he wasn’t home, like, nap time, or away on a business trip, Girlie could come up on the bed with me.  Now, she isn’t stupid…she doesn’t get up there when he’s home…she gets my sneakiness.  Kiki, however, is another story.  She is a narc.  Because I believe strongly in honesty, I have never – and would never – tell her "don’t tell daddy".  This policy has gotten me into trouble more than once, tho, as she somewhat enjoys tattling on me.  So, he knew I was letting Girlie on the bed.  Which irritated him immensely.  We had more than one "heated discussion" on why I thought it was silly and why he thought it needed to matter to me simply because it mattered to him.  Okay, whatever, but on the grounds of getting along and being a decent sort of wife, I capitulated.  Now that you know the story, here is the wierdness…last night, I am getting ready for bed, and of course Alan is already in bed… I walk into the room to get my jammies and…I manage to get out two words – "What the…" before my jaw hits the floor… Girlie is on the bed, stretched out right up against Alan, and he has his arm draped over her, and this sheepish little grin on his face.  "Well, I think she’s lonely, you know?"  he says to me.  Let me tell you, once the ‘King of the Castle’ had invited the little princess up there, she wasn’t about to move, either.  I practically had to drag her off the bed so I could get in!  (There is just no way all three of us could fit on the bed…she’s a Lab/Golden mix, for pete’s sake, not a "lap dog")   How did I end up being the meanie in this situation??  Aww, it’s so sweet, though!  Alan is turning into a big ol’ softie!  What other strange wonders will occur?!  

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  1. Ha! I love it! Just goes to show- never say never.
    Our little hairy princesses not only sleep on our bed (& anywhere elase they darn well please) they have their own sofa in the livingroom- black, furry, with a little white trimmed pillow, that I found on clearance last year.

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