Objects d’Art!

A few weekends ago, Kiki and I went (with a few extended family members) to an Art Show in a local downtown park.  It’s a lot of fun, and I could have spent gobs of money…which is why I just took a little cash, and that’s all.  Then, just last week, Alan and Kiki and I went to a local coffee bar for breakfast…and this is, I guess, Kiki being inspired to do her own artwork…. She wrapped her Orangina bottle in her napkin, then ‘fastened’ it together with the Orangina lid.  She was like "Mom, mom, take a picture!  It’s my artwork!"  Then, her daddy made the horrible and cruel demand that she throw it….away What was he thinking??!!  He doesn’t get it at all.   A couple days ago, we were getting coffee…yes, again…at Starbucks this time.  Kiki had a bottled Strawberry Creme milk and wanted to take the bottle home.  (We have Izze bottles galore in the kitchen cupboard, and one soda bottle with a Santa on it…Alan just doesn’t know about these, so it’s a non-issue!)  Of course, said Strawberry Creme bottle was denied…throw it… away… were daddy’s words.  "But daddy, I collect these!"  "Kiki, we do not collect trash."  "But, daddy, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, don’t you know that?"  (she’s goooood, eh!!)   "No, Kiki, trash is trash."  (he, on the other hand, is ruthless!)   "So, daddy… are you telling me I can’t collect the things that I think are special?"  Of course, she knows she’s totally working it, by now; so we are all laughing like mad at this point.  The bottle did end up in the trash, and she wasn’t upset, but only because she knows the next time that she and I go alone, I will let her keep it.  Because I understand how her mind works.  You never, never know when something like this might come in handy, let alone the fact that they are just…nifty.  I actually have 3 Izze bottles lined up on my dresser, each one having a different colored floral label…and then in each I have a complementary colored little silk daisy.  It’s totally chic, trust me!   Even Alan came home after I’d done this, and said "Hey, that looks nice."  The problem is, he can’t envision it until it’s a finished product.  So, I keep this stuff hidden in my great little craft closet, and he’s none the wiser! 

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  1. Unfortunately, I\’m the collector Scrooge in our family- the boys like to save things, but I am ruthless about getting rid of clutter. There were some battles royal when my husband\’s mom moved last year- the 25 yrs of junk that was in her attic ended up in my garage! I\’ve managed to separate him from a good portion of it- & each trash day, one item goes in 😉
    How are you feeling? That acid reflux stuff is nasty- hope the medicine is kicking in & you have some relief.

  2. Haha…this is indeed a cute little story. I love the way you describe it too. It really reminded me of my grandma in Hawaii. She\’s the queen of all clutter. Old pringle cans, scraps of fabric, old toys my mom and her brother had as kids…you name it, she\’s got it.
    Looking forward to reading your future blogs! 

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