Good Morning! It’s Autumn!!

Just wanted to say "hello" before we start the school day.  It is a lovely, perfect fall day outside. I love love love this time of year.  The blue, blue sky, the crisp air, apple picking, (long sleeves to cover my flabby arms, lol).  We had a little rain last night, and it seems to have cleared up a bit of the smoke. It’s actually only 62 degrees up here in our classroom; I guess I better shut the window!  
I think I will take Kiki and go to the pharmacy before we start school.  I am feeling a bit miserable…I have a hiatal hernia (that is, the muscle between my esophagus and my stomach doesn’t close up tight) so I have reflux pretty bad.  It wasn’t really a big problem for most of my life, until I got pregnant…between all the puking and muscle loosening, it really made a minor problem into a huge problem.  The only real ‘fix’ is a surgery that seems to cause as many problems as it fixes, so I have opted out of that for now.  As long as I am on my medication, I’m okay…but again, is taking meds forever a solution, either?  Here is the current problem…I ran out of my prescription at the same time T. got sick, so with all the money we spent on him, I couldn’t get it refilled.  I was alright for a couple days, then just felt nasty for a few more days…but last nite…well, I don’t want to gross you out or anything, but I spent waayy too much time bowing before the porcelain god.  And this morning my chest is just burning.  Yikes, I can’t take it anymore!!   Off we go then…..  

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