Well, I needed a good laugh!

I’ve been looking through the comments people have made, and I came across one that made me laugh a bit…which was good!  Someone wanted to know "what I DO all day??!"  Shoot, I’d like to know that, too!  I can be busy all day long, and at the end of the day, wish I could list just one thing I’ve accomplished!  That wasn’t what made me laugh, tho…it was this comment – "How can someone who doesn’t even WORK be overweight?"  (emphasis theirs)   Uhhh…’cause I spend too much time sitting on my big fanny,  and eating, and NOT working??!   Uhhh…’cause I can always ‘put it off til tomorrow’ ("it" being, exercise, dieting, working, whatever…) because I have all the time in the world??!  I guess this person wishes they could ‘not work’ so they could spend their days at the gym or something…I understand – I was in the career world for years before I had a child and chose to stay home and raise her.  When I worked outside the home, I was not overweight.  Because I was busy working; not sitting around and eating.  My house was much cleaner then, too…I do remember…when I worked full time, I remember thinking how much more I could get done if I didn’t have to work.  I tend to be more organinzed, tho, when I have to be.   But I remember feeling that way.  If I had all day at home, my house would be soooo perfect.  Guess what?  Life isn’t always how you think it will be.  When you are home all day, especially if there are kids involved…the more time you are h ome, the more time you have to mess up your home!!  Ha!  Know what else?  I’ll tell you a secret…you know why I got fat?  My marriage fell (almost) apart, and I got very depressed…quit eating.  Lost my already low metabolism.  So, when I started eating again…Poof.  No joke.  So, yeah, since I have all the time in the world (what with the dogs, the kids, the homeschooling, the constant trying to pick up and stay ahead of the game) I ought to work out for hours and lose all the blub.  I know, really, I do.  But here is something I have learned in all my years of living…
Of all the billions of people living on the planet, no two of us have had the same life situations.  Close, maybe, but not identical.  So I will never, never, assume that I know better than someone else how their life ought to look.  Also, I had so many presumed ideas of how I would react in any given circumstance…and I found out, in some cases I was right…in some cases, I acted in ways I would never have imagined.  Sometimes, that was good…other times – well, I have both embarassed and shamed myself with my behavior!  And suprised myself, for good and for bad! 
Well, I’m a bit on my soapbox, aren’t I?   I just wish everyone could live a few days – or weeks – in someone else’s life, and maybe they’d lighten up on how they react to the people around them!

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog….What gets me is that staying home ( with kids) IS WORKING.. before I was a stay @ home mom, I probably felt the same way, untilll I DID IT!! Going to works seems much easier now!!!  Your doing a GREAT JOB and continue doing what your doing, and Keep GOD with you!!!!    Dina

  2. Oh, the \’haters\’.  You hang in there.  I\’m much more interested in you raising a strong, healthy, young lady who can be a contributing adult.  Sounds like that\’s what you\’re doing.  Love the blog!

  3. I am really new to this and was beginning to think that this was all for 16 year olds.  Seeing your space changed my mind.  Although I\’m a mom working outside of the home, we all face the same problems, just in a different location and I applaud you for having such a great outlook on things.  Then again, you have all the strength you need to do that.  Thank you!

  4. \’Morning, Ann. 
    Laugh and enjoy the day, girl.  I guess "private" isn\’t private after all, but your writing is great.  Keep it up, and take care of yourself, KiKi, and T.. Bless his heart.

  5.  … and, like Tysley posted below, I was going to say the exact same thing .. "haters"!  No encouragement, just something to take your sunshine away!  Hmph!  Off my soapbox, now .. ::HeeHee::

  6. I\’m not going to ask what you do all day, because I KNOW what you do all day:)  I used to be a stay at home mom, and now I run a business and try to be a mom.  I have constantly thought about homeschooling, but I have always been afraid I wouldn\’t teach them enough or correctly.  I have a son that just started at Ithaca college.  He is incredibly bright and everything is easy for him.  Then I have two daughters 16 and 13 and they both struggle terribly.  Is it too late to homeschool?

  7. Way to go girlfriend!  I just read your comments about what you DO all day.  I\’m glad to know someone else has the same feelings as I which no one else can seem to understand. 
    You\’re home all day, why isn\’t your house spotless?  Duh.  I have four children (now 12, 9, and 7 year old twins).  I go in circles all day long picking up, washing, putting away, cleaning this and that.  But, guess what, when I leave that room and go to the next within minutes it doesn\’t look like I did anything.
    As far as the weight issue – don\’t get me started.  I have always been on the "big bone" side of the weight charts but able to maintain an average size.  Having children changed that.  My body is stretched beyond recognition and has no idea when it\’s next meal is coming.  I believe my metabolism changed with every child, especially the twins.  I have been unable to lose the weight since they were born and feel as though people look at me and think "when are you due?". 
    Of course, the weight issue didn\’t get any help when my husband and I split up five years ago and the emotional roller coaster resulted in binge eating.  Now, it\’s more a matter of not having enough money to pay household expenses or buy ample groceries so who do you think goes without dinner so the kids can have enough.  Thus, when I do eat my body stores it as fat not knowing when the next meal is coming. 
    I started work in the school cafeteria last year.  It\’s not great money but it gives me a sense of self again, other than being someone\’s mom, and is barely enough to contribute towards bills.  This job, however, takes me away from the rat race of trying to keep a household because when I get home the children get home.  I get money from "him" but it doesn\’t really seem to bother him that I don\’t have enough to get by because he\’s living at home with his mom and dad with no bills, no car payment, no utilities, etc.
    Just keep in mind — I wouldn\’t trade this for the world.  I have the most beautiful, wonderful children I could ever have been blessed with.  Looking at their faces each and every day makes me the luckiest woman on earth.

  8. I just visited you space for the first time today. I was writing a short blurb on autumn on my space and look what I found on your site. Beautiful autumn leaves for your background. I haven\’t done too much with my site yet but you\’re welcome to stop by.

  9. Love your site, I too have been visited by the "haters" but I just delete the comments, and go on.. it is my site and I started it just to be able to pass on funny stuff that happens, keep my memories, and if someone enjoys reading about our boring life so be it,,, if someone doesn\’t like what you say or how you look or what ever, there is a little "X" at the top and they can just leave.. and the classy way to do it would be to just click that and go, not leave nasty little messages on your blog…
    **steps down from MY soapbox**
    Come by my site anytime if you like 🙂 I will be back to your often 🙂

  10. I woke up this morning to Monday, my house is a mess, washing machine is broke, teenage boy smell, same old to do list (never gets done), and same old disappointed look on my husbands face. I start the week feeling like a loser and it goes down hill from there. I needed to check my email first thing and by chance ended up here when I read your blog I cried because it\’s me and that means I\’m not alone. You have been the answer to last nights prayer for inspiration to get me through another day. Thanks Sheila

     Keep up the good work, friend… it seems you\’re in good company! I, too am a former
    working-outside-the -home mom, (turned homeschooling mother of three) and I believe that there is NO higher priority than to lead our young ones to the Lord…which is in contrast to the mesages they are unfortunately hearing in public school.(in our experience) True,family & friends thought I had lost my mind when I made the decision to homeschool!) But I\’m so thankful that my husband supports my efforts, and works TIRELESSLY for his family- even though he, too was doubtful at first! Yes, there are days that mommy wants to run away from home..but, seriously, the blessings far outweigh the challenges, wouldn\’t you agree? God Bless You! 

  12. I happened across your blog and love it! I have homeschooled and quit when my marriage hit a very rough patch. I needed to sort out my head. I even went and got a JOB! AND went to college! Those were concidered a vacation to me, lol, compared to staying at home with kids, homeschooling or not! I always call my husband\’s work trips vacations! I since quit all that and came back home to stay, and I love it. My house is a mess, I\’m not thin, even not pregnant, and my kids love me anyways, who cares about the rest of it?
    Keep strong, you can lose the weight, idiots are forever idiots!
    God bless,
    qtpies7 http://qtpies7.blogspot.com/

  13. Hi. Nice blog. I have blog on our move to Mexico. I was a homeschooling mom too. Then we moved to Mexico where I am now teaching English at a private elementary school. My 2 daughters whom I homeschooled are enrolled in this bilingual school where I am teaching. But homeschooling never left my blood. I still have the homeschool mentality thus still make my kids do things "I THINK" are important. This is valuable since I am in another country where some things are done differently. I am not intimidated and able to keep my kids on the pace I feel they need.  I do like having them in a school though and feel a little safer about it here than I did back home. There was NO way I was going to put my kids in an Atlanta Public school.  Too many horrors to list.  Plus we are Catholic, so being in a Catholic country allows us some liberties I didn\’t have back home (i.e. crucifix in a classroom even though this isn\’t a Catholic school). Good luck with your homeschooling. I might be doing it again next year too.

  14. I can\’t believe someone actually said that! Why is anyone fat, for that matter? Because they eat too much – DUH! (Including me) Some people\’s ignorance and stupidity is just too laughable.

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