Wow!! I’m overwhelmed!

I just want to say Thank You!! to all of you who have checked out my site, and to everyone who has left messages!  I really wasn’t expecting this…honestly, when I decided to keep a space and blog, I figured I’d mostly be writing to myself…so this is totally cool.  To everyone who asked questions, I am trying to think of the best way to reply..if I put a ‘comment’ in my own comment space, pop over to your space – if you have one – and reply, or just post a blog entry with answers to everyone at once.  Hmm.  Like I have answers for everyone!!  It is what I always tell Kiki when she says "mom, I have a question"…I always say "and I have an answer."  Because I am full of them.  Or, full of it?
I have to say, I am a bit bummed out that I am "blogging in secret"…I mean, I just haven’t told anyone in my family, because I am reserving the right to use this space to complain about them if the need arises!  But now I can’t go "Hey!  Hey!  Check out my ‘Space’ because it is my 15 minutes of fame!"…dang.  
Well, I am glad that all of you are reading it, anyway!!  Thanks, again!!   

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  1. Just think… in your family, your "15 minutes of fame" will last and last… and they are the most important!  Much more important than me or the other bloggers…
    You are so lucky!

  2. Good luck with T.  I hope he knows how much you love him.
    I know what its like to love and lose, and it is hard letting go.
    Thanks for your blog…(from another homeschool mom of 9 years!)

  3. Well I think it\’s great that you were featured, and I think you fully deserve it! By the way, whenever I told anyone I was featured, they just looked at me blankly … so don\’t feel too bad about not being able to share your good news. 😉

  4. i am also a mom who is homeschooling my youngest. i was just curious what curriculum you are using and what you think of it.  sorry about your dog.

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