Enough is Enough, Already!!

This morning I am taking T. in for xrays…to see if we can figure out what’s up.  So, not only am I totally stressed out about my doggy, and, seriously, thinking the answers aren’t going to be good, there is also the ever-under-lying issue of money.  Because we’ll do all we can, and probably more, but we basically make it paycheck to paycheck as it is.  We’re fine, but that’s the extent of it.  So, we get all loaded up, and this clinic I have to go to is about as far away across the valley as it can be (my vet is super close, but he referred me to another vet who has, as I understand it, a better type of xray machine for large dogs).  And my friggin’ car won’t start.  AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!  This thing is only 5 years old, and I swear it has given me more trouble than all the other cars I’ve had, put together.  And I’ve had about a bajillion. (my hubby’s a car freak.) Stinkin’ Saab.  It makes me sob, that’s for sure.  I’ve had it for sale now for a few months, and finally someone’s interested…she called yesterday and said she was going to her Credit Union today to get the financing…uh, yeah, now what??  I called Alan and was so hysterical that at first he couldn’t even understand me.  I’ve just had it, that’s all.  One more thing that’s going to cost me money, but mostly I am just so worried about T. that I can hardly stand it.  Anyway, my sis is coming to pick me up and take us to the vet…Thank God for family.   Then when I  get home, I’m looking for a cliff to push my car off….  

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  1. So what\’s what with T.? I was hoping for something like asthma, not cancer.
    It may be too late, but because I used to take animals to the vet\’s so often, they would let me divy up the total and I\’d give them several post-dated checks.
    I\’m sure I\’ve put one or two of their kids through college.
    Hi. My name\’s Dana and I am a perfectionist. (I read your entry about perfectionism.) And like you, if I can\’t achieve Perfect, I barely aim for Mediocre. I also get sidetracked by your \’linen closet\’ theory. Add to that mix that I\’m a packrat, I\’m a just about a dust bunny away from a breakdown.
    Kiki is a doll ~ and you must be a pretty good mom, I never even considered homeschooling my girls.

  2. I was just reading your info for the first tme.  The homeschooling part caught my attention.   Have you ever been to FLYLADY.COM?   Awesome website that will give you a boost!!!

  3. We had a saab too.  The darn thing was in the shop more times than I can count.  It was the stupid coolant fluid.  Finally traded it in for a mini van.

  4. May comment is about the saab story, I had some good friends, who lived in the San  Francisco Bay Area.They had a Saab, and always told us about their latest Saab story.
    Pretty funny!   Jana

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