Criminy! First Day of School at Home

How did I forget so quickly??  I was looking forward to this…why??  Within the first twenty minutes, we had tears, yelling, throwing our book…then ourselves…onto the floor.  I asked Kiki – "Is this how you behaved for your teacher yesterday?"  She says "Of course not…but you’re my mom."  I gave her the lecture about why as her mother I deserved even greater respect.  The whole "honor your mother and father" deal.  She just looked at me and rolled her eyes.  I am giving myself a pat on the back, however, because I never lost my cool.  So it didn’t turn into a total meltdown.  We took several breaks today, so even tho it took longer than it should have to get through our curriculum, we did get through it. 
I forgot all about tonite being Kid’s Club at church…sighI didn’t really prepare anything… Oh well, it’ll work out alright.  Thank goodness I am teaching 1st and 2nd grade, and Kiki has moved up to 3rd…no more of this "I don’t have to behave for my mom!" business.  Some days, I think she’s playing me.  She’s too bright for me, I think!

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  1. Congratulations on being featured in "What\’s My Story."  This is a nice space and you have interesting posts.  Good luck on the home schooling effort. That takes a real commitment.

  2. Dear Ann,  Some time ago I was on messenger with who I thought was my brother John in Las Vegas.  Turned out it was one of his step children.  It was rather late and the kid invited me to play a game.  I said….."What are you doing up?  Don\’t you have school in the morning?"  The step child then told me that he was home " SKOOLING\’"  I said, good night and God bless you.  Smile.  Good luck with the home schooling and teach me to spell too.  Be well.  Stephen Craig Rowe

  3. Congrats on being featured. Your space is nice. I homeschooled my oldest son for a couple of years and it was tough. He has ADD. I\’d never do it again. I respect and admire people who can handle it, especially if they have more than one kid to teach. It is HARD work!

  4. hi..
     i love visit others spaces!!
     i like your, so cute, nice pictures. and real stories…
     well. like u yesterday was the first day of my son\’ school
     i so excite for this… well, is the second time, now he\’s in kindergaten!!
     wel. take care!!

  5. That is probably the biggest reason why I have never wanted to homeschool my kids. I just can\’t deal with the fighting and whining. I would do it if I had to (e.g., my kids are having issues at school, or aren\’t learning to their potential), but I am just hoping they will do just fine in the public school!

  6. Yes, we know where we stand in the pecking order with our darling children- I rate after whoever is on the phone, the cat, & the next-door neighbor. Good for you that you kept cool, even at the eye-rolling (that drives me crazy!)

  7. Hi!
    Fellow homeschooler here. I have 2 third graders, a first grader and a baby. Teach at a horse stable on the side (grew up with horses) and love animals too! We have alot in common

  8. anonymous here again…! My sign in didn\’t work for some reason…
    I was going to continue to say that we all have bad days in with the good. We know our children well and it\’s hard to separate the "mommy-ness" from the "teacher" when you are doing school. Every year we have to get back into the routine and it usually takes about 2 weeks.
    Congrats on not losing your cool!
    Hope your doggie is okay!
    Just a mom…

  9. I just started homeschooling this week for the first time and I\’m wondering why I thought this would be a good thing!  LOL  I sure hope it gets easier as we go along.
    BTW, I love your space!  Very nice.

  10. Hang in there it does get easier 🙂  I have been homeschooling now for 5 years and it was rough in the beginning but each year it gets easier and easier.  I have a 3rd grader and preschooler.  The great thing about homeschooling is you know your kids but then your kids also know you and what pushes your buttons so they can definitely test your limits.  What I have found to be nice though is when all the other children are out of school and I have friends call me and complain that they are driving them nuts it is just a same old day around here. 🙂 

  11. I am a homeschooling parent of 12 years.  My youngest is a senior.  She and I will graduate within weeks of each other.  I went back to college 4 years ago, have since graduated my two sons.  One in the U.S. Army the other a college freshman.  Just let your kids know they are home to school not home from school.  Scream when you need to and laugh constantly it helps.

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