Doggie Update #2

Well, I don’t know what to think yet.  He’s not coughing up anything gross, but he is still hacking a bit.  This morning was the first time all week he ate all of his breakfast; in fact some meals he hasn’t eaten at all.  Even when I put egg or milk on it.  This morning I put some crumbled up mexican sweet bread on it (I went to the Panaderia yesterday afternoon…yyummmm) So, is he feeling better, or does he just love sweet bread??  His breathing is pretty fast, tho, he doesn’t seem to be able to get past this.  I finally figured out how to make him take his pills – he is great  at gagging them back up; if I put them in food, he eats the food off from around it and spits out the pill…if I shove it down his throat, I swear I can push it all the way practically to his tummy and he can push it back out still.  So, I grated cheese very fine, formed it into a ball around the pill, like it was practically made like that – and, he has been getting his medication down!  Of course, the other dog thinks she has to have a snackie too..cheese sans pill, of course!   

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  1. Good to hear he\’s doing better- I worry about my animals almost as much as my kids. One of my cats has allergies, so we have to give her a pill every day during spring & summer- no small trick- so I\’ll have to try the chees idea! have a great holiday weekend!

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