The 10 things in my Bag

Gosh, it’s the last day of August??!  I think I will try to get this list done today, since Amy tagged me quite awhile back, and I’ve been putting it off…  I’ve had it on my mind, but haven’t been sure what to put in the ‘bag’… I always tend to overpack!!
I understand that it goes like this…I have this "bag" that I place 10 items in, that represent me…someone could look at this stuff, and get an idea who I am…or what I am about…!    Then, I am going to ‘tag’ a couple of you to fill your bag, too…I hope you don’t mind…Cee, and Denise…I don’t think you’ve done this list yet, have you? 
1. A necklace.  This is by my FAVE jeweler at the moment, Brighton.  It has a cross, inside a heart.  Now, I have lots of cross necklaces, from tiny and traditional to large and baroque (a copy from the Metropolitan Museum of Art) and the wildly sparkly – my daughter buys me this kind; I love this one that is coated in crystals, even has three crystal drops hanging off the end.  Sometimes, tho, I feel like crosses are just trendy and that is not why I have them.  So, this particular necklace is special – it is a cross hanging inside a heart, because Christ lives inside my heart. 
2. My wedding ring.  It is absolutely beautiful, and it means a lot to me.  I’ve been married to Alan for 22 years, that’s something to be proud of these days.  I can’t wear it, because it no longer fits on my fat fingers.  My hubby says I should get it sized up.  I’d really just like to get my fingers sized down!
3. My Bible.  I don’t read it nearly as much as I ought to, but it is where I try to find the way to live my life.  Besides, the cover is one half lime green and the other half hot pink…so, it also gives you some insight into my non-traditional style!
4. A back issue of Arabian Horse World Magazine.  I love all horses, but there is just something about Arabs.  Most of my horses have been half or full Arabian.  I can read and reread these; even looking at the pics of these lovely creatures can make me cry.  Just because.
5. A journal or sketchbook.  It would be full of drawings, mostly of horses.  That’s another thing I do with the AHW Mags.  It would also be full of lists of stuff I need to do,  things I need to remember, quick sketches of stuff I’d like to make.  I try to keep organized by making lists, lists, lists.  And they have to be on good old fashioned paper so I can see it.  I’m weird that way!
6. Coffee House punch cards.  I probably have 3 dozen of these in my wallet.  I get them everywhere I ever go get coffee…you don’t know when you might be back that way!  I have them from about 5 different states.  I am a Mochaholic. 
7. Baby wipes.  Why?  Well, they identify me as a mom, even tho it’s been years since I’ve needed them for their intended purpose!  We still use them all the time, because I am a big ‘messy’.  These babies will clean off just about anything!  Yeah, they keep my clothes clean when I’m out and spilling on myself, but I’ve been known to use them to mop my kitchen floor when I’m in a hurry.  Seriously.
8. My digital camera.  It’s not a tiny, cool one, because I knew I’d lose one like that.  It’s a Kodak, slightly too big for a pocket but I’ve got a giant ‘purse’.  (Suitcase, Alan calls it.)  But I love, love, love it!  I take so many more pics now that I can see right off  if it’s worth keeping and printing!  I am not a photographer…I am a…uhm, snap-shotter.  I just want to memorialize life.
9. Tea Rose Perfume.  This is the only scent I wear, and I wear it nearly every day.  It doesn’t smell ‘perfumey’, just pretty.  Because I always wear this, it has come to rather identify me.  People will say "I smell roses…is Ann here?" 
10. My favorite photo.  It is a picture of me with both my sisters – we are at some holiday family-get-together, and all three of us are practically all mouth…laughing hysterically at, well, who remembers anymore.  It reminds me that I am the middle child, even though my little sister is gone now.  It reminds me of the great times we had, and how totally hilarious she was.  I am sure we were laughing at something she said…she saw life from a totally different (albeit skewed) perspective, and it kept life funny.
Well, there ya go!  My 10 things…I almost tossed a catalog in there, Pottery Barn or Hanna Andersson, or maybe Landsend Kids or something…I am a shop-aholic and love mail order…it’s like you get to get it twice – once when you order it, and once when it comes in the mail!!  Like I said, I generally overpack! 
p.s.  Denise –  when I try to access your site, it says it’s private or non-existant…so, I hope to read your list one day!

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  1.  Oh boy .. !  This\’ll be a challlenge because I like to carry as little as possible, even that gets messy!  ::Grin::
    1.  Pens!  Gotta have them so I can jot something down.
    2.  Wetting solution.  Contacts get so dry!
    3.  Bonne Bell lip gloss.  They\’re good and I love the flavors.
    4.  A Pic of me and Kovu.  (I better get my humans
    back in there!)
    5.  My cell phone — usually dead because I forget to plug it up!
    6.  Headache medicine– Goodies or my migraine stuff.
    7.  Comb.  I gotta mess with my hair!
    8.  Receipts.  Somehow they always wind up a big paper ball.
    9.  Sunglasses.  When the glare gets too much.
    10.  My Red Cross donor card.  A commitment I\’ve been doing for 20 years.
    Cool tag, Ann!

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