Kiki’s Birthday

This was a really fun day, especially for Kiki! She wanted a dog-themed party, and we were able to find a lot of stuff to pull this off.  We painted a Pin-the-collar-on-the-Pup game, I made her a dog costume (well, she loves dressing up, so any excuse!) I made dog cupcakes (each child was going to get a tiny dog cake, but they took a load of frosting…guess I didn’t make it fluffy enough, so I made several pawprint cupcakes instead) plus various doggy paper items.  She also really wanted to do a school-carnival-type fishing game, so we found a blue sheet at the thrift shop and painted a little ocean scene on it.  My house was so clean I actually invited a group over the following night!  Will wonders never cease.

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  1.   That\’s terrific !!!  — that Kiki\’s party was successful (and very creatively done, I might add) and your house was clean!  I can feel the joy!   🙂

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