Doggie Update

Poor bud, we walked him to the vet (it’s not horribly far, but in retrospect, probably not the best idea I’ve had) it was rather hot this afternoon… I think the vet, after taking the dog’s temp., wondered if I was some kind of moron.  To be honest, I was trying to avoid the dog hacking up something not-so-lovely in my hubby’s car (he had mine today; long story).  At the moment, we don’t know for sure what the problem is – best case scenario, he has some sort of ‘doggy cold’ that’s bothering his bronchial tubes, and the vet gave me antibiotics and doggy cough medicine.  If he’s not better after the 10 days of medicine, tho, he’ll have to go in for a chest xray, possible thought of the vet is lung cancer.  I’ve told and told that dog he should give up smoking….Seriously, tho, no one in my family smokes…maybe that’s a morbid joke, but I have to keep smiling.  We are praying it’s just the cold thing…my mom said she’s going to call her church prayer chain and put the dog on it!  How sweet is that?  My mom’s a pet-lover, too…she’s got my old, 17 yr. old cat that she just spent a load of money on for new food because he’s not eating enough.  She doesn’t seem like an old softie, but she is!  

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