Must Love Dogs

I really do.  Today I have an appt. to take T. (aka the furball) to the vet.  He hasn’t been feeling well.  He’s a Golden Retriever, only 9 1/2 yrs. old but healthwise, seems older than that.  His hearing isn’t the greatest, his eyes are a bit cloudy, he’s got lots of lumps and bumps we’ve been watching…but, he still acts like a pup, and is just happy and full of life.  This past week, tho, he was wheezing a bit, and hacking like he was a cat trying to cough up a hairball.  Then, a couple days ago, he hacked up a big phlegm ball.  Sorry, I know that’s gross but it’s life.  And he’s been off his food…even when I put goodies on it, he won’t eat it, just one or two bites.  This morning I made him oatmeal and eggs, because he really needed to eat something!  He liked that.  But, yesterday, he hacked up another phlegm ball, and this time there was blood in it.  So I am pretty stressed out over what is going on with him.  I will report back when we get some news from the vet.  Poor buddy.

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