Something Wicked This Way Comes

And it’s called….The School Year.  For you moms who send your kids off to school, maybe this is something to look forward to…especially if you work outside the home, it’s probably nice not to have to worry about your daycare options and all that.  For me, being a homeschooling mom, it’s like it’s time to go back to work!  Don’t get me wrong, I totally enjoy home educating.  It’s why I do it; well, one reason of many.  I also wasn’t ready to give up my daughter…I love having her here with me.  There is a plethora of reasons I homeschool.  However, we’ve been having such a laid-back, lazy summer, that part of me is definately not ready to get back on a tight schedule.  It’s not just school, either.  It’s all the stuff that comes in the fall…Kid’s Club at church, where I teach, Bible Studies starting back up, all sorts of busy-ness.  I’m also on the school board – we are in a homechool Co-op – and there’s plenty to do there, and all the school activities along the way.  It’s all good stuff, enjoyable stuff….I think I’m just basically lazy.  I don’t want to start getting up to the alarm again.  I like sleeping ’til 9 or 10… 
On the other hand, there is an aspect of being on a schedule that I like.  It keeps me in line, it helps me get stuff done.  I really do enjoy being organized, and in summer that sort of falls by the wayside.  I will enjoy pulling my life back together a little, actually.  First, tho, I need to get my house all set for Kiki’s birthday party this weekend!  Guess I better get offline and get busy!!

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  1. I\’m one of those parents who is sending my daughter away to school — and loving it! Honestly, the laziness of summer was really getting to me in a bad way, and as a result I had a blah, less-than-memorable summer. I like routine because I feel good about accomplishing things. School and the related activities force this on me, and it\’s no wonder I\’m so much happier this week than last!!

  2. I totally understand how you feel. I have 1 daughter who is 8. this is our 4th year homeschooling. I "couldn\’t" let her go to PS, just yet. We love HSing and it has it\’s ups and downs, but I wouldn\’t have it any other way.
    We ar members of a great HS Group here in NC and that helps alot.
    Yahoo and MSN both have some great online Groups for Homeschoolers as well.
    We also love Casting Crowns and other Contemporary Christian Music.
    Well, didint mean to write our life history, lol.
    Kerley Family

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