I am proud of myself!

I am so totally figuring this blogging thing out…I hope?!!  I added a "guestbook"…I think I did it right…now if I can figure out how to link to other spacers I like…spacers, I think that’s derogatory, isn’t it??  Spacey?  Spacing?  I mean it only in the most positive sense!! 

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  1. I find the easiest way to do that is a blog list- its under the Customize tab- click Add Item. Then open another window to go to the Space you want- highlight the address, Ctrl C, click Web Address on add item- Ctrl V, & then either repeat with Name or type it in. Alot of people add a Friends module (I have it it but hide it) but there are some complaints it slows page loading. You just hover over the Profile photo area & a drop down menu shows up- you click \’Invite to Friends List\’ & that\’s it. 

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