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I hope you enjoyed dropping by my spot!  If you did, let me know!  If you didn’t, well, please try not to be TOO mean!  See ya out there!

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  1. Hi Ann,
    First of all, I\’d like to say that I really like your descriptions in each of your blogs. You have a gift of story telling and making the process of blogging into a colourful mastery of art! Secondly, I noticed that you homeschool your daughter. It\’s such a coincidence because as it turns out I\’m a graduate of homeschooling! I have recently graduated with a two-year diploma in journalism from SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) and am currently working my way towards my degree. Be sure to keep your blogging up because I definitely will be revisiting! Take care and when you have chance, feel free to visit my space also. 🙂

  2. Ann, I truly enjoyed your spot. I love the way you express yourself, I appreciate your honesty and I related to so many of your blogs.  This is new to me, I\’ve been looking for some way to connect to people with similar lifestyles and beliefs.  I have a daughter that is grown and married, but hearing about your daughter brings back lots of good memories of when mine was younger. She is an only child, and we are and have always been very close.  I believe our faith is the main catalyst in our lives, and I\’m sure you will always be close to your daughter.  Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts……kathy

  3. I\’m hooked !  Read your comments on my blog and thought I\’d drop by, gosh, glad I did !  It\’s beautiful and addicting, addicting in a "good" way.  I\’ve been visiting here on my afternoon break before picking Ethan up from preschool…afraid I\’ve stayed too long !  Joking of course, but your space is so inviting and it\’s like visiting on your front porch ! I\’ll be back.

  4. Hey lady!  I have so enjoyed your posts.  I haven\’t left a message before because I hate that I have to sign in before I can.  Oh well.  I KNOW you know what I mean! 🙂  My 11 year old twins have been homeschooled from the beginning with only a brief, one disastrous year in public schools (longer story there) and now my 16 month old daughter joins the fray.  It is a roller coaster ride to say the least but VERY rewarding.  It\’s definitly a love/hate relationship… mostly with myself and my own expectations.
    Love Third Day, celtic music, Veggie Tales – CHECK  (I teach Kindermusik classes… check out my blog at
    Overweight all my life – CHECK (Adkins was a life saver- honestly – for me)… now have to deal with post pregnancy weight and finish nursing… Adkins doesn\’t go with that.
    Love dogs – CHECK… my allergies don\’t, though, which just breaks my heart.
    Have you looked into a folkdance class in your area?  My children and I take one here through our community education program and that gives me a good bit of excercise (on top of my classes when I can fill them).
    Well, longer than I wanted, but just wanted to touch base… again, love your blog!
    Tammy Bailey, HS family in Frankfort, KY

  5. I just wanted to tell you thanks for dropping by my blog.  I think we may be kindred spirits, at least when it comes to the issue of weight loss.  I can totally relate to your thoughts on that weighty issue!  Several years ago, after going through a devasting divorce, I decided I had to gain control of my eating or I would literally die.  I joined Weight Watcher\’s for the umpteenth time, and for the first time saw success.  I felt GREAT, I was off of all my meds, and I became an active, happy person.  Last year, I married a wonderful man and in the process changed every single aspect of my life.  Unfortunately, the only way I could deal with all of the stress from all of those changes in my life was to eat, eat, and eat some more.  I gained back everything I had lost.  I am totally disgusted with myself.  Now, I am trying to get back to my healthy eating habits and exercise, but it is a real battle.  Good luck with your efforts to lose weight.  I\’ll be back often to see how you are doing.

  6. I\’ve been reading your blog religously since it was featured and have so enjoyed it.  You have a wonderful wit about you!  I too homeschool my kids and love animals.  My heart broke when you lost your faithful friend….my blessings were with you.  You actually inspired me to begin my own blog, which is also my own little secret and quite therapeutic.  I look forward to reading about your future adventures…..and I\’m rootin\’ for you all the way on the horsie issue!!
    Many Blessings,

  7. What a great space!  I love it.  Thanks so much for stopping by mine.  I am lovin\’ this blogging thing!  It\’s very therapeutic.    Please come by anytime 🙂

  8. Hi Ann,
    Thanks so much for your incredible support! I really enjoyed reading the comments you left on my space. I was smiling as I was reading them! :)) And I\’m glad you decided to comment on a previous blog instead of the most recent. It shows me you had an interest in viewing some of my other works while you were visiting as well.  Take care and I\’m going to take this opportunity to post a comment on one of your lovely blog entries. 🙂

  9. Hey, I\’ve been reading your blog for a few days now – I think we have a lot in common. But I clicked over to your blog today and saw your camel pictures – how uncanny – I had written an entry earlier today about my son\’s favorite animal.  Anyway, I enjoy your posts!  Take care – Heather

  10. I am back again visiting your blog.  I enjoy reading about your life and family.  I\’ve invited you to be on my friend\’s list.  I hope you will accept.

  11. Dropped by…computer problems just sucks the life out of you.  As a Mom I do not need it too.  Your lab is gorgeous!  Our is a yellow lab but a bit overweight, named Glory.

  12. I am enthrawled with some of your stories. I can\’t believe as I read, HOW much it sounds familiar in my own life. Even though I don\’t read your blog every day (or week for that matter) I go back and read several days to catch up on your life. It\’s like reading my own life!! I am a homeschooling mom of two kids. Been homeschooling since my son was 3 (he\’s now 12). It\’s the most difficult thing I\’ve ever done. There are days I\’d like to flag down that yellow bus and scoot my kids onboard. BUT….when I go someplace and people comment on how well behaved my kids are or how polite and well-mannered they are….it all becomes worth the hassel. As for house cleaning….HA!!!!! I don\’t EVEN try to keep up with that anymore. I like things to be clean, but I just don\’t have the energy anymore. I\’ve deligated the chores to the kids, but the house is still a disaster! At any rate, just wanted to tell you I believe what you are doing is worth the effort, it\’s worth the sweat and tears. I am sorry you lost a part of the family recently. I know how devastating that is and my heart goes out to you. We have three cats, two dogs and a gerbil. I dread the day one of these dies with my kids around. They are deeply animal lovers and caring little people! Well, keep on doing what you do…..if for nothing else to hang on to that last little bit of sanity that might be lingering! 🙂

  13. Searching for other spaces and came across yours, I live a different life but have been where you are with children and raising a family. Now I live in the Middle of Montana with my husband that is from Belgium and returns for 5 months every year living me to handle the rough Montana winters. Love for you to visit my space and when I have guest they leave there comments on what they came away with from a dieing lifestyle. The gap between city and suburban living and rural life is becoming very large.

  14. Been reading your blog for a while now and have really enjoyed it…it\’s one of the sites I visit frequently.  I sometimes wish I had kept my blogging a secret too, so I could use it as an outlet for my frustrations.  Anyways feel free to visit my site if you\’d like.
    God Bless.  S

  15. I really enjoyed visitng your site. You sound like an awesome person. I am relatively new to homeschooling, this is our second year. I have a sone who is almost 12 and a daughter who is 9. Feel free to come visit my blog. It mostly a bunch of ramblings but you are more than invited.

  16. ok, sorry I just now checked out the comments…. I work parttime and homeschool…  so don\’t always get to check things….  the email address should work if you click on the name in the comments….I will add you to my list, so you can email from my site…  trust you, but don\’t want to just leave an email address out there.  Thanks for trying though…. God bless… ps I agree with the election!!!!! UGH@!@!

  17. Well, I must say, I have been secretly reading your blog for a few months now…and always feel better about myself and my life when I do.  I homeschool as well, love my animals, and have a husband that counts as another child on occasion.  Keep it up, girl.  I really enjoy reading.

  18. Hi Ann, it is me again….. we will get this email thing down sooner or later.  I added mine this time.  I tried inviting you as a friend on my "spaces" so that you could email me there and I am not sure that it worked.  –Now I am sure that we live in the same place by your pictures and the explaination of Kiki\’s school (V on C Str in GC)  I love the Christmas Trees downtown too.  My girls sang there 2 years ago when they lit the city tree, it was a blast.  Well, if I haven\’t scared you off too much, write me back. 

  19. Finally getting around to catching up on what everyone\’s been doing, and I see you\’ve been quite busy. Hope you and yours are doing well.

  20. Hi, you\’re going to hate me for this, but I\’m tagging you. Come over to my blog to see what it\’s about. 🙂

  21. Hi Ann;  I hate mornings like that.  I do a little catering for friends, and I\’m not kidding, every time I have the van loaded with all the food and I\’m just barely on time , I have a flat tire, or the batteries dead.  And this is a fairly new van.  This shouldn\’t be happening!!  But life happens, dontcha know.  I hope you got a ton of stuff done today and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  And remember, when all else fails, throw the stuff in some back closets and deal with it later!  I\’m praying for you.  Cheryl

  22. Hi Ann, just dropping by via Brenda\’s site.  She talked you up so much in her latest blog I just had to see what the fuss was about. 🙂  Anyway, I\’m glad I did as I see I have a lot in common with you, I didn\’t know I\’d like being a mommy so much (started at 31), we\’re both Christians and like Christian music, I used to live in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle to be exact) and apparently we both like the Narnia books, just to begin with…  (Oh, and I\’m interested in homeschooling, although my little one is not quite there yet!) So, I hope you don\’t mind if I bookmark you and come back for visits now and again!  Happy New Year!

  23. Hi ,  love reading your blog .  You are such a creative writer.   I look forward to reading you every morning, and if you haven\’t gotten a new entry,  I am disappointed.   I am begining to feel like I actually know you.   Tara.

  24. Hey Ann!  I am making my space private due to various irritating reasons, but I digress; I need your email address in order to allow you access.  I don\’t wanna lose you!  Let me know 🙂

  25. I think we were visiting each others spaces about the same time.  I already left one comment earlier but I wanted to say thanks for asking how I am doing!  If you mean mentally – I\’m still nutso.  If you mean physically – I have lost all motivation to be on the treadmill.  If you mean spiritually – I want to fall in love with Jesus so much more.  If you mean financially – well, that\’s another story!!  Ok, that\’s not what you meant but I count you as a friend and I\’m glad that you take the time to read everything and your care and concern is not lost.  There are times that I wish I could just give you a big hug and let you know that I\’m so glad the Lord blessed me with a "virtual" friend in you. 

  26. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for dropping by my space last night. It was great to hear from you again! I missed getting your comments!!
    I will try coming by your space later on tonight to comment on your delivery story. Just wanted to take advantage of signing the guestbook to let you know that I do appreciate your comments.
    ~ Have a wonderful day!! ~

  27. Hi
    I have enjoyed lurking on your site the past few months.  It caught my eye as I am a sahm that homeschools… misery (or joy) loves company.  Anyways – I thought I would come out of hiding and say hello!

  28. I like your space.  I think maybe, because of you, I have finally figured out how to do the guest book.  😉
    I\’m not the geekiest but very persistant. 
    Good luck with everything!

  29. Hey!  Anne!  Checkin in AND commenting this tme! 🙂  Don\’t get to comment much anymore, but I keep checkin in.  Love the dress!  Glad Kiki liked it, too!  I am so exasperated most every time my daughter wants something nice to wear ~ it just doesn\’t come in her size often.  And talk about your heart being out there… went to the grandparent\’s home for Easter and my bro-in-law\’s neice came over to spen the night and don\’t you know she had to comment to my sweet Rea that "you must weight 150 pounds, cause I weigh 120 and I\’m skinnier and you\’re taller."  Never mind that this child is a year older with boobs!  Oh gosh!!!  I just want to scream!
    Anyway… enjoy your spring, and keep your dreams for the horse and your daughter… dreams help keep us motivated.

  30. I have been way too busy to blog this past month but I am staying up to visit a few spaces…It is always a treat to visit your place.  Blessings!

  31. Hi there,
    Your book cupboard looks like a pie safe we have. It is such a neat piece, you will certainly enjoy it!

  32. I wandered on to your space from the Home of Spaces…I am glad I did…we seem to have alot in common.  Love your projects, you are very creative!  Will visit again soon!
    Grace to you

  33. Ann,
         Loved  your photos of the Oregon coast.  When we retired, I thought we would be traveling more, but that\’s not going to happen.  My husband will not leave the southeast, and I haven\’t gotten the gumption to go without him yet.  Love your space and maybe someday I\’ll create my own.  Keep on posting and we can\’t wait to see your furniture when it\’s completed.

  34. Just took the time to read ur blogs and i do have to say i don\’t know you but from what i read i respect you. Myself i have 2 handsome boys ages 8 and 4 and they are all i live for and are the longing i\’ve always needed. I work 5 days a week and i just hate leaving them and missin out on moments that i feel i deserve. But i am the only one who can possibly provide for them and i just have to accept that what i am doing is just giving them everything i never had. with that keep it up girl. Head up.

  35. Ann,
    HEY THERE!  Just stepped in to leave my mark on your guestbook.  You do have a lovely space.

  36. Hello Ann,
    Stopped by from Beth\’s space and wanted to say hello and that your posts were entertaining and full of all the ups and downs of life. They are places I have visited before.
    Hoping life will treat you kind,

  37. I read you blog on the poor rat when your husband was away and suddenly, my day didn\’t seem so bad after all. I hope you are all safe and healthy…
    love, pinkie

  38. Ann, I keep coming back to your space….can\’t get enough of your humorous blogs.  You ought to write a book!  Keep the faith, girl.

  39. Had so much fun looking around on your space.  I live in the west mountains, too and homeschool my kids.  Seems like we have some things in common.  I will be back!

  40. Hi there, It is so great to get to a space where it is not all about ME<ME<ME<!!! You are speaking for the experiences of so many. It is great to get a bit of your voice and color of your many lives. Hope to blog together soon. amethystxjane

  41. Hello,  I really like your page.  Your pictures are great.  I just started with this spaces thing and came across you page.  I am also a homeschooling mom, and very new to this  spaces thing.  Thanks for sharing the page.  Always,LadybugLisa00

  42. I truly enjoyed your space and found some comfort in knowing I am not alone.  I love the pictures of the falls and old bridge.  I had dejavu.  what road was that?  Thank you and God bless you and yours.

  43. hi, I\’m Italian and I don\’t know very well your language…
    I really like your page… it\’s fantastic!!!!
    ok, I go – – -> byeeeeeeee!

  44. This is the first time I\’ve ever had the time to check out the blog thing.  It\’s pretty cool. I read your page and thought I was reading about myself.  Very similar individuals with it seems like the same delima sometimes.  It was very enjoyable to read to know I\’m not the only crazy one out there.  I\’ll visit again.  Thanks for making my frown turn upside down today.  It was nice to smile.  God Bless You

  45. Hi!  Well just to let you know, I love Oregon, It\’s such a beautiful State. I did the tourist thing, with the kids years ago but the last couple of years, we really have enjoyed the State Parks and camping!

  46. Hello Ann,
      I wanted to stop in and thank you for visiting my space ..Yours is great.. I enjoyed reading the blogs and seeing all your pics. I totally agree..Who does get married right before Christmas?  Hmmmm.. Different strokes for different folks I suppose.. "wink".. If you like, you can add me on your friends list.. But I will just leave that up to you..I just enjoyed my visit and would like to return and read up on more of your blogs. If not then thats okay too..
    "Happy Holidays"

  47. Aloha – Happy Saturday.  Thanks so much for dropping by our page and leaving us some love. I am glad you got a kick out of the wanted poster 🙂  LOL.  Sometimes it does feel like a stranger has taken over my life, but I am on a rescue mission ! Have a great weekend – Shanz

  48. Hey Ann!
    Here I am again finally. Hope you\’re having a great Winter so far. Looks like someone was having fun in that pic stream on your page. Didn\’t have time to read much this time. What are the pics of? A family vacation? I\’ve never been skiing. Hopefully I\’ll get to try it some day, but probably just on the bunny slopes. hahaha!
    Take care.
    C-ya next time!
    Bye for now!
    Loretta 🙂

  49. I\’m saying HEY
    Thanks so much for coming by to visit!! Aren\’t daughters great??  Yours sounds wonderful!!
    Ok, I\’m going to look around your Space for a bit. Excuse me

  50. I LOVE your blog! It is so real – love when you talk about all of the stresses of life with house, job, husband and daughter – I think 99% of the people out there are going through the exact same things…I know I am! Keep it up, Caty

  51. hey !!! How\’s it going ? The drama on BL is just crazy !!! How\’s life ? The reason I get nervous about the sabbath is because although I love it And it\’s so relaxing and its a time to relax and serve god and take a break from the hectic life we live it is also a time to eat !!!! And very often you eat with others at friends and family or u gog away and you have no control over what you eat !!! And thats scary when u r trying to loose weight !!

  52. Hi, Ann!
    Thanks for dropping by our web site.  I can relate to you so well.  Too bad your not in our area to be in our homeschool group.  You would fit in just great.  🙂  I enjoyed the story of your $5.00 Arabian so far.  Sounds like it has a sad ending.  I\’m sorry for that.  We live in the country in a small rural town – as a matter of fact, across the street is a field where they have cattle and horses (Paints,primarily).  For us to have a horse, we would have to lease from someone with stables at this point.  We hope to be able to purchase (or even rent) some farm land in the area one day relatively soon.
    Best wishes on your weight loss program.  It\’s a daily challenge, but we can achieve it if we persist.
    Have a great day! 

  53. HI, I enjoyed your space. I too am an animal lover, I used to work with Help for Homeless Pets in Montana. Your pics remind me of CO., MT., WY., SD. areas.

  54. I enjoyed my brief visit!  You\’re certainly a creative individual.  Best of everything on your projects.

  55. Hi, just searching through some sites I haven\’t seen before and came accross yours.
    Have a wonder-filled day.

  56. Hi, Ann.  I\’m just dropping by to congratulate you on your continued "featured" status.  I\’ve come to the conclusion that whenever I am put into that mix, it is for comic relief and that all the others are nice, normal people.  You have a well done site and deserve the recognition.Peace, Doc

  57. You did a great job on that tie die.  I\’ve tried a T-shirt once and it didn\’t look nearly that great.  Cool.

  58. Sometimes It\’s nice to know that we aren\’t the only one who has those days.
    I\’m not sure what is harder pet or 3 year old bodily functions?
    Thanks for letting me visit,

  59. Hi Ann,
    I\’m also friend of Chrysalis and linked over from there. 
    Was exited to see that you homeschool and still have time for so many activities.
    I am thinking of it for my family next year.  Loved the dog costume.
    God Bless,

  60. That RV was ridiculous!  Oh my gosh.  I would feel like a superstar in that thing.  Ya, I could get used to that.

  61. Hello Ann, I wanted to stop by and thank you for wishing us a safe trip. That was very kind of you. I couldn\’t help myself to read some of your blogs and look at your pics that you have posted.. I really enjoyed the read and the pics are so adorable, especially the ones of the animals. I am and always have been a cat lover myself. I have two of my own plus 2 dogs, and african grey and a yellow double headed amazon. But I would really like to come for more visits in the future. Hope you and your family have a safe and fun filled 4th.Take Care,Gail

  62. Hi Ann!
    Thanks for dropping by and the pertinent question about the water consumption for just one single egg. Mmmmmm to be sincere I have no idea how they did the math, but I have tried to imagine those mass egg producers. I guess the water you read accounts for the keep clean of the chicken house,……the employees and their personal consumption….the head office and the employees there….the toilet utility and other thins that I have skip.
    Well I am just not sure about what I am stating but can that make sense?
    It was a pleasure to see you on my space! Feel free to come back anytime!
    Take care,

  63. Hi ya just wanted to pop by and say hi while i had a mo love the song you have on here, thats my kind of christain music, hope you have a great day Amanda xx

  64. Hi Ann,
        I wanted to thank you  for all your kindness and to let you know I just love the video you have on here.. It really touched me  and I really enjoyed listening to the song ..
    Stay safe and god bless.

  65. I would be pleasantly surprised if we were able to be missionaries in Scotland.  Yeah.  I\’ll start dreaming about it.  Thanks for your words of encouragement.

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  67. Hello Ann,
      I wanted to stop in and wish you a nice weekend. I\’m glad you enjoyed my Autumn pictures that I have posted.. I enjoy your space just the same. It\’s wonderful.
     Hugs and blessings,

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  70. Hi,found you\’re space thru a friend we have in common space, thought I\’d stop by. I wish you well in getting settled in your new place, it takes awhile but it will happen. Have a great day, hope you get internet soon at home.

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