A Day at the Fair (see pics)

I love cows.  I think they are adorable.  I should’ve married a dairy farmer.  But, they raise veal…eeyyww.  There is good and bad in just about everything, eh?  I majored in Animal Science/Equine Industries in college…I showed a calf once…she was huge, drug me around the show arena – I should’ve been embarassed, but it was too hysterical, people jumping out of the way as we came crashing through straw bales…I was the "horse girl" amongst all the "real" rancher kids…I think they talked the prof into giving me the wildest calf so they could all laugh at me…I was always good for a laugh; me in my bright floral shorts and neon yellow Reeboks really stood out in a field (seriously, we were always out in some field!) of Wranglers, Ropers and cowboy hats.  I have learned to love being different! 

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  1. What a great word picture, especially the neon yellow sneakers! I also like cows… but only in theory, not in practice- too much of a city girl. I especially like Highland Cows(or in Scots, Heelin Coos) with their small stature & long, red hair. I have a stuffed one & pictures on the walls of my cubby at work & study at home, but they gross me out when I see them at the Highland Games!

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