5 Love Languages for Kids

This is why I am so screwed up…LOL.  I said my "love language" was "words of affirmation", right?  My parents come from the school of "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it"…so, if I’m not saying anything is wrong, everything must be just fine.  So, I never asked for this sort of attention, (didn’t know I needed it) and my parents aren’t the talky kind…I honestly don’t remember them ever saying stuff to me about how much they liked me, or I was a great kid, or anything like that.  And they are GREAT parents, honestly.  I love them to pieces and I remember having a really good childhood.  But I have serious "loving myself" issues.  My sister, who is a "quality time" person, has a totally different (and better) perspective and sense of worth…my mom was an at-home mom, and we did a lot of family stuff together…so, she was getting what she needed.  My 2nd most important "love language" is "touch"…again, my parents are not the touchy-feely type.  Oh my gosh, I hug everybody I know at church!!  I love it!  My dad has actually started giving me lots of hugs in the past couple years since my younger sister passed away…I guess he’s needing it as much as I do now.   Is this making any sense?  If you have children, you owe it to them and yourself to read this book…you can love them to death but if you don’t say it in their language, they might not know it.  Which is why I sit on the floor and play Littlest Pet Shops with my daughter, or make-believe, even tho I really am not into that any more…well, ok, maybe a little…  She’s a "quality time" child…and by the way, you don’t get "quality time" without "quantity of time".  So we play alot, and I try to use that excuse for why the house is such a disaster…but my kiddo is feelin’ the love!! 

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  1. I\’m not sure what my kids\’ love languages are. My two little ones are a bit young to know that for sure, I think. I tend to think that with Amber, it\’s gifts, but it\’s hard to tell because it\’s not like they come out and tell you. But the fact that she\’s always giving me things is a signal.
    That\’s a tough one if you have more than one child though – if you give one child something, you have to give all of them something! Then it gets a bit out of hand!

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