Turkey Neck

This is what the skin on my neck looks like…criminy.  How did that happen??  Too many years on those Southern California beaches, I guess…when you are young, you never think it’s going it happen to you.  ***sigh***  My birthday is Monday.  Guess I am thinking about my age.  They say ‘you are only as old as you feel.’  Great.  I’m a hundred and eighty. 

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  1. I hate that saying – you\’re as old as you feel! It\’s a bunch of baloney. Just because you FEEL sixteen, doesn\’t mean you are. And if you have the maturity of a 16-year-old – yikes! You\’re as old as you ARE, regardless of how you feel.
    Besides, I\’ve noticed that only old people say that – to make themselves feel better about getting old!

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