Two Degrees of Change

I heard a story about a gentleman on a plane…a well-known Christian speaker who travels a lot.  He enters into a conversation with the passenger next to him.  Turns out this guy worked for NASA, and was there in the midst of the whole Apollo 13 incident.  (I hope you’ve seen the movie)  The first gentleman asked him if it was really true, was it that serious, as stressful and close as the movie portrays it.  The NASA guy basically says that if anything, the movie plays it down a little…that there is no way to really get across the tension they were under, the drama unfolding.  I guess a question came up about the trajectory, and is it really even possible for a spaceship to miss the earth coming back…I mean, it’s a whole planet, right?  The guy from NASA says that even to be 2 degrees off, which is like, nothing, right? is enough, at those distances, to cause the ship to miss the earth entirely…I guess they’d be floating around in the endless space even now.  Wow.  Two degrees.  What a difference it can make.  So this is what we are trying in our marriage right now.  We’ve had HUGE issues in the past, but things are fine now.  But is fine good enough?  No!  We both want so much more, but change is, well, hard, right?  Somedays it seems there is so much work to be done that it’s impossible…don’t even know where to start.  So we are implementing "two degrees".  I make the bed everyday.  Big deal, right?  But, I didn’t ever do it before (what’s the point? I’ll mess it up again tonight.) This however, means alot to my husband.  To come home to a tidy bedroom.  Today, I folded his underwear before I put them in the drawer.  Again, this seems dumb to me…I don’t fold my undies…I just shove ’em in the drawer, I mean, who sees these?  But, to my husband, well, he doesn’t want to wear ‘wrinkled’ underwear.  Nobody said it had to make sense, I guess.  The point is, it is making an impact, doing these seemingly insignificant little things.  Yesterday, I woke up to a fresh, hot pot of coffee…he’d made it for me just before he left for work.  (this summer, I have been sleeping in, so he leaves for work and I’m still snoozing!)  Hey, as far as I’m concerned, nothing says "I Love You" like coffee!!  He knows the key to my heart!  So…two degrees.  What a difference it can make.

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  1. I strongly recommend "The Five Love Languages" I think it\’s by Gary Chapman. It basically outlines the five "languages" by which people interpret love: quality time, physical touch, acts of service, words of affirmation, and gifts. Once you know what your partner\’s love language is, then it becomes easier to fulfill his needs. Sounds like your hubby\’s might be acts of service. Therefore, while giving him little gifts or backrubs might not do much for him, doing little things like folding his underwear is huge!

  2. The whole 2 degrees things is so true. My wife and I have found the same thing. She so appreciates it when I put the kids to bed, or even more, when I shoo her out the door and tell her to come back with something pretty…

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