Who knows that you blog?

I am just curious…who knows that you are keeping a web log?  No one knows I am…I mean, short of anyone reading this, obviously…!!  What I mean is, I haven’t told anyone personally.  My husband would think I’m nuts, my daughter is really too young to understand, my parents wouldn’t even know what a blog is, and my sister, well, she has teenagers so I’m sure she knows what it is, but she rarely gets on the computer herself.  I guess it’s my "dirty little secret" – and I like it that way…I mean, really, if I want to come here to vent, rage against the…whatever…family…world in general…I don’t want anyone to recognize themselves here!  (if you ever do recognize yourself here, maybe you need to be learning a lesson?)  So, what about you all out there in cyberspace land?  Who knows about you??

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  1. All my family and friends know that I blog because I announced it to them. However, there have been many a time that I wish I\’d never said anything!!!

  2. Hi- wandered by thru Amy\’s space & decided to poke around! Only my youngest son (age 15) knows for sure that I blog, because I had to ask for help setting things up.; my husband may know, but he doesn\’t say anything & avoids the computer whenever possible. Beyond that, I haven\’t told anyone- I want to be able to gripe and not worry about offending anyone I have to see daily! I like your perspective on things- I\’ll be back to visit again. 

  3.  I have a MSN Space for family members to visit and another Space for the general public (under an assumed name!) where I vent and have my say in the world.  I have another Blog Site, as well, where I speak out.  I am trying to get all of them going right now and keep them updated.  Who knows?  My family knows about the one for them, of course; and I am considering telling a few close friends about my others…  If any trouble comes of it, I will shut them down and open up somewhere else, under yet another name.        

  4. I blog primarily for my students and their families… but in general I try not to say anything, anytime or anywhere, that I would not want someone to call me on.  My family knows how I feel about the things they want to know about and that I need them to know about ( NO, no, no do not buy my children 1001 toys et al at Christmas/birthdays/ Valentines/Easter… they love you, not what you can get them.  And YES, I will take back the things I don\’t want them to have.  To which my wonderful sister (no children), replies simply by ripping open the cardboard box before I can set it aside… ARGH… but she\’s heard about that, too!)
    This kind of tactic means you have to pretty much be honest all the time and makes me remember to be at least considerate of others feelings, even if maybe not so nice (cause I\’m human too, right and entitled to my own opinions and feelings).
    Tammy  🙂 🙂 🙂

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