My dog is crazy

Our dog Skitters (not her"real" name, lol) is…different.  She is super sweet, but I think she is a schizophrenic.  It’s like she gets information in her head, but the brain can’t process it.  She is scared to death of the cement floor of the garage (’cause she scrambles and slips, she could just walk, but, no) If Alan puts the mower or blower an inch more in her path than normal she’ll freak and try to jump over the hood of the car.  If you try to step over her as she lies on the floor, she’ll panic when you’re about half way, leap up and nearly kill you by knocking you on your bum. Sometimes, tho, she does things that make me think that she is a pretty intelligent dog. The pieces don’t all fit together.  Nothing moves outside past the house without her furiously barking to make it "go away".  If you come to my front door, I can’t open it for you ’cause she will have slid up in a great rush, and now the rug is rolled up against the door, and of course she won’t back off for me to smooth it down… which is cool, because usually my house is so messy, I’d be embarrassed to let you in anyway.  In praise of her, tho, I feel pretty sure that most folks hearing her loud, nasty bark wouldn’t want to come in, anyhow.  I’ve had repairmen refuse to come in until I shut her in another room somewhere.  So, she’s our protector.  I gotta love her!
p.s.  by calling her a ‘schizophrenic’ please do not think by any stretch of the imagination that I am disrespecting those with mental illnesses.  I truly believe this may be her issue, or something like it.  She’s different than any of the many dogs I have had.  My younger sister had some serious mental health challenges, and I loved her dearly, miss her immensely, and I understand.   

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